The New Doodle: Scheduling made easy

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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The New Doodle: Scheduling made easy

The Beatles once sang the line “it’s getting better all the time”. Although they weren’t talking about Doodle (we weren’t around in 1967), it sure does apply to the new Doodle. In what is easily one of our biggest upgrades ever - the new scheduler makes meeting planning simpler and faster.

Not only have we completely redesigned the Doodle dashboard inside and out - making it more responsive and powerful - but Bookable Calendar’s transition to Booking Page means you can have complete control over how you automate your day. 

Let’s look at some of the great new features you can use right now. 

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Your new dashboard: All in one place

The new Doodle Dashboard makes it easier than ever to organize your schedule. We’ve simplified the design and added a number of features that can save you time to focus on the important things. 

Meeting types all in one place: With our new centralized design, you can now create 1:1s, group polls, surveys and Booking Pages from a single space. This means there’s no more back-and-forth to set up different meeting types or confusion over whether you’ve picked the right one. 

More control than ever: The new Doodle dashboard is your scheduling cockpit - a place to control everything about your meetings. From here, you can quickly assess all the details you need to, as well as update details and send reminders. 

Always look your best: We know that branding is so important and that’s why you can customize Doodle to look the way you want it to. The new dashboard has a central hub to change your background color, theme or logo. 

Team support is only a click away: Our Admin Console makes it simple to manage a team using Doodle. With it, you can quickly pull reports to identify coaching opportunities or decide what tools your team can work with. It’s a game-changer for team management.  

Meet anywhere: The new Doodle means you should never miss a meeting again! When setting up time with someone you can easily add your favorite video conferencing tool. This means if a physical meeting isn’t possible - every get-together comes with a virtual meeting link. 

Work your way: We know that every person and company have their own way of working. That’s why Doodle lets you integrate with thousands of other tools to blend into your flow seamlessly. 

The New Doodle: Scheduling made easy

Booking Page 

You may have known or been a user of our Bookable Calendar, but Booking Page is even better (and more powerful too). With more flexibility and control than ever before, Booking Page lets you automate your day and focus on the things that really matter to you. 

Flexibility is something we know many of you asked for and is the biggest difference you’ll notice compared to Bookable Calendar. When setting up your availability you can decide the length of meetings, how often slots are shown and even how many times a day people can book time with you. Once all that’s done all you have to do is send the link.

For those that used Bookable Calendar, you’ll remember that you could only book meetings in blocks of 15 minutes. Now, with Booking Page, you can set anytime you like longer than five minutes. 

Custom increments also make it much more likely for you to find time with the people you need to. Say you offer a 30-minute meeting at 11 am. If you were to add five-minute custom increments, participants would be able to book in at either 11, 11.05, 11.10 and so on. Here’s the great bit though - once a time is selected all the other slots that cover that time will be removed. No double-bookings.

You can also add a buffer time which means if you want some time in between meetings that will be taken into account too. 

Our new ‘power’ options will also help you reduce no-shows. 

You can choose to add automatic reminders to times people book with you. This means that if an important client books a meeting weeks in advance, not only can we add it to their calendar when they book - but we’ll send them a reminder of the meeting 24 hours before. This lets you focus on the content of the meeting rather than trying to set it up. 

We know that a lot of meetings in a day can be stressful and with many of these happening via video - it’s no wonder there has been a dramatic increase in employee burnout. One of the great new features of Booking Page can help to reduce this. 

Our meeting cap tool means that when you set up your availability, you can choose how many meetings you will have in a day. Once this number is reached, we’ll remove all slots for that day. This means if you have an important task to complete or family matters to attend to, you’ll have the time. 

The new date range tool means you don’t have to worry about your Booking Page links being out of date. If you’re attending a roadshow or trade conference, you can create a Booking Page with a date range. Once that date is reached the link will become inactive. This gives you peace of mind that unexpected meetings won’t suddenly spring into your calendar. 

For Bookable Calendar lovers, Booking Page offers so much more options and gives you a chance to automate your day like never before. Don’t just take our word for it - if you have a Doodle account already head over to your new-look dashboard and Booking Page now.

If you don’t have an account sign up for a free 14 trial today.

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