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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Webex and Doodle
Webex and Doodle

If your working life is like ours, then remote meetings have quickly become as commonplace as taking the dog for a walk or washing the dishes. In fact, a survey by Miro found that 73 percent of employees had at least four remote meetings in seven days. 

It’s easy for us to say that this is all because of COVID and to an extent that’s true. According to Statista, before the pandemic around 17 percent of people worked at home five days a week. After COVID, that has risen to 44 percent. However, on the other hand, many businesses were already trending towards a hybrid or fully remote model. If anything, the last few years have sped up a process already underway. 

With the launch of our latest video conferencing integration, Webex, we’re making it even easier to simplify and automate your remote meeting experience. 

What is Webex? 

Webex is a video conferencing platform provided by Cisco. It’s used by millions of people every single month for long-distance group meetings, interviews, 1:1s and so much more. 

What makes Webex stand out is that it allows users a greater video conferencing experience by using AI to integrate features such as gesture recognition, automatic transcripts and custom layouts. 

It also provides other features such as messaging and the ability to incorporate other commonly used office tools. 

Why integrate Doodle with Webex? 

With Webex, we now offer more video conferencing tools than ever before.

By connecting your Doodle and Webex accounts, you’ll be able to automatically add Webex links to your meeting invites and Booking Pages. This means scheduling time with people will take nothing more than a few clicks. This is a big chance to boost productivity by spending less time on the busy work of arranging time together and more on having a great meeting. 

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Remote is here to stay

Long after COVID is gone, we know that remote and hybrid working will be here to stay. By integrating Doodle with the world’s most popular video conferencing tools, we can ensure scheduling time together never needs to be difficult. 

By providing links to your meeting directly in the invite, you’re able to decrease the risk of no-shows in your meetings. 

Think about it, you send over your Doodle invite and include a video conferencing link as the location. When it’s received, most people will add that into their calendar, so as the meeting approaches all they need to do is open their calendar and click the link. 

With less friction, there’s more chance of getting the attendees you want. Plus, Webex only heightens this by being able to launch in-browser - no additional apps required. 

What’s more, it doesn’t just have to be the advantages video conferencing can offer to business. With the rise of remote-only companies, HR teams are facing a plethora of new problems - issues like employee isolation or loneliness. 

According to a study by GigaOm Research, 87 percent of remote employees seem to feel more connected with their teams when they make use of video conferencing. If video conferencing has the power to make remote teams feel more connected and engaged, it makes perfect sense that video and scheduling technology work better together to make this happen. 

If you’d like to find out more about what Doodle’s Webex integration can do for you - we have some more information here.  

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