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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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10-12 minutes invested in planning your day will save at least 2 hours of wasted time and effort throughout the day

Source: “Eat the Frog” by Brian Tracy

Time is at a premium these days. The student experience isn’t what it used to be. Classes are all online. Meeting up with classmates for study sessions is now limited to the confines of Zoom video chats. Let’s not forget the many other extracurricular activities on students’ schedules. Needless to say, time is scarce these days. 

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Simple organization and planning can easily turn into disarray and confusion. Make time to plan your time. Block off the first 30 minutes in your calendar to organize your day and prioritize your academic tasks. Make sure that chunk of time doesn’t show as available in your calendar so that when others are booking meetings with you, they won’t be able to interrupt your planned organization time. 


87 percent of students say better time management and organization skills would help them get better grades

Source: Filemaker, Inc.

Can time management really affect students’ academic performance? In a word, yes. These days, most students don’t simply have their coursework to manage. They have internships, are members of academic clubs, volunteer with charitable organizations, are part of athletic teams and more. That’s a lot on a college student’s plate. 

Digital tools are there for the taking. They simplify, automate and optimize all sorts of tasks. Take advantage of them. Rather than engage in a lengthy back-and-forth email chain with your professor to get feedback on your class performance or an exam, send them your personalized calendar link. If there’s an important piece of information you want your professor to have in the meeting itself, then make that a mandatory question and include it in your personalized calendar link. 

Less time wasted. Less hassle. More time back in your day.

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48 percent of students manage their contacts, assignments and deadlines by handwriting on a personal calendar

Source: Filemaker, Inc.

It’s 2020. The number of digital tools that are available – and are being launched daily – continues to grow exponentially. So why would you still cling onto old-school methods of organization by adding in your appointments and events into a physical calendar? 

By using an online scheduling tool, you will benefit in the following ways:

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Most faculty schedule at least 3 office hours per week – that’s 2,700 minutes a semester. If you have 135 students, that’s 20 minutes for each student. 

Source: Faculty Focus

Office hours have been a staple of university life for decades. They allow students and professors to have more focused, personalized conversations away from the pressure and pre-set nature of classes. 

Given how limited time is right now, both for professors and students, the office hour set-up needs to be as simple, convenient and fast as possible for all involved. So, the typical sign-up sheet outside a professor’s office just won’t cut it, especially now that everything has to take place online due to COVID-19. 

Use a scheduling tool like Doodle that not only lets you book the meeting quickly and effortlessly, but also makes it easy to manage the video conferencing portion of the meeting. 

There’s nothing worse than setting up a meeting and then mere minutes before it’s set to start, you realize the video conferencing link is missing. So you have to scramble onto the video conferencing platform, sign in, set up the meeting, copy/paste the link to the calendar and update the calendar invite to all participants. That’s time-consuming, inefficient and exhausting.

Professors can use Bookable Calendar to give students more control over the office hours process. Plus, it speeds up the process overall, giving both professors and students back valuable time to focus on academic and administrative work.

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To learn how the University of South Carolina uses Doodle to improve time management for their professors, read our case study.

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