What is a project meeting?

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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

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What is a project?

To sound a little cheesy, a project is anything you want it to be. But in a business setting, it tends to be the term used to describe a task that needs to be done. For instance, a product team might want to build a new feature and create a project to do it. 

Often it involves multiple people working collaboratively and can be one large project or multiple smaller ones culminating in a final goal. 

Many businesses will have a mixture of short and longer-term projects. Shorter ones could be quarterly tasks whereas long-term projects might be annual KPIs. 

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What happens in a project meeting?

Start by thinking about what stage of the project this meeting is happening. If the meeting is at the start you’ll want to do a round of introductions and explain what’s happening. If it’s a check-in you can get straight to the point. 

Once you’ve completed your introductions and possibly even had an icebreaker, the first meeting is going to talk about scope. What needs to be done? Who is doing it? What is the deadline? Using a ticketing system is a good way to manage this. You can create the p

Project kick off

roject as a master ticket with each part of it set up as a sub-ticket. That way it’s really easy to keep track of what’s happening. 

Now, for the meeting itself be sure to have a clear structure. If it’s a regular check-in be sure people know that and are prepared. They will have questions, so be prepared to answer them and listen to ideas that could help improve how the project progresses. They might have things you’ve not thought of. 

You should also ask for feedback to ensure what you’re asking them to do is clear and, if not, think about how you can clarify things in future sessions. 

Try not to force anyone into doing something they don’t feel comfortable doing. People who buy into what you want to achieve are much more likely to produce better results.

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How do you schedule your project meeting? 

Projects come in all different shapes and sizes but one thing that stays the same is the difficulty in getting people together. Doodle makes it easy. 

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With Doodle Professional you can add your own branding to meeting invites (great for projects that involve clients), get rid of ads and send reminders for when you’re meeting. 

Don’t worry if you’re meeting online, with Doodle you can add your favorite video conferencing tool and its links will automatically be added to any invites you send.

Doodle makes it easy to arrange a project meeting quickly. No email back and forth, no more stress, just more free time for you to focus on more important things. Try it for free today.

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