How to Share a Meeting Link in Slack

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Juggling schedules, wrangling attendees and navigating the labyrinthine world of meeting logistics – we've all been there. 

But fret not, weary warriors of the workday. Sharing meeting links in Slack doesn't have to be a hair-pulling affair. 

Follow these simple steps and transform yourself from calendar combatant to collaboration champion.

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Step 1: Summon the Meeting Maestro

First things first, locate the channel or direct message where your meeting shall unfold. 

Click that magical "plus" sign next to the message field and prepare to conjure up your meeting masterpiece.

Step 2: Weave the Web of Attendance

A meeting requires participants. 

Start by typing the names of your colleagues in the "People" field. 

As you type, Slack's autocomplete feature will guide you like a trusty owl, saving you precious time and typos.

Step 3: Bend Time to Your Will

Now, click the calendar icon and let the date and time selection interface appear. 

Choose the perfect hour for your gathering, be it a sunrise brainstorming session or a moonlit debrief.

Step 4: Unfurl the Portal to Collaboration

Finally, the moment of truth. 

Click the dropdown menu labeled "Add video call," and choose your preferred platform. 

Zoom? Google Meet? The choice is yours, oh mighty meeting orchestrator.

Once your meeting creation is complete, hit that "Share" button. 

The link, encoded with the power of punctuality and productivity, will appear in your chosen channel or DM. 

Your colleagues can now click and be transported directly to the digital meeting room, prepared to work their magic.

Bonus Tip: Embrace the Synergy of Doodle

Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-growing mountain of meetings? 

Introducing Doodle, your trusty companion on the quest for scheduling harmony. 

Integrate Doodle with Slack to create polls, find common ground amongst conflicting schedules and send invitations with automatic calendar updates. 

It's like a time-management spell woven with the finest digital threads.

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