How to set up a recurring meeting in Zoom?

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Zoom Meeting

Setting up recurring meetings in Zoom is a convenient way to streamline your scheduling process and ensure regular interactions with your team or clients. 

Recurring meetings are particularly beneficial for weekly catch-ups, training sessions or project updates. We'll walk you through the steps to create a recurring meeting in Zoom.

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Log into Your Zoom Account

Access your Zoom account using your credentials.

Click on "Schedule a Meeting" to begin the process. Fill in the meeting details like the topic, description, date and time. You'll also set the frequency of the recurring meetings – daily, weekly or monthly.

Select Recurrence

Under the "Recurrence" option, choose the desired pattern for your recurring meetings. You can pick specific days, weekdays or customize the recurrence based on your needs.

If there's an end date for the recurring meetings, indicate it in the appropriate field.

Customize other settings such as video and audio options, registration requirements and more.

Once all the settings are configured, click "Save." This will create the recurring meeting series.

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Manage and Edit Recurring Meetings

You can manage your recurring meetings from your Zoom dashboard. Make changes to specific instances, adjust settings or modify the recurrence pattern as needed.

When the time comes, join your recurring meeting using the same link. Participants will also use this link for every instance of the meeting.

By setting up recurring meetings in Zoom, you eliminate the need to repeatedly schedule the same meeting. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and saves time for both you and your participants. 

Whether you're conducting team updates or client consultations, recurring meetings provide consistency and structure to your interactions.

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