How to Invite People to a GoToMeeting Meeting

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Hosting a successful GoToMeeting session is all about simplifying the process of inviting participants. 

Just like orchestrating a symphony, you want each instrument to play harmoniously without a hitch. This step-by-step guide will ensure you’re the maestro of your GoToMeeting meeting, orchestrating a seamless and productive experience.

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Start with Scheduling

The first note in your virtual meeting symphony is scheduling. 

Use GoToMeeting's user-friendly scheduling feature. Create a meeting, pick a date and time and set the meeting duration. This step will lay the foundation for your event.

Plan and Prepare

Now, it's time to fine-tune your arrangement. 

Plan the meeting agenda, prepare your content and ensure your virtual environment is conducive to a successful meeting. It's like rehearsing your performance before the big show.

Send Out Invitations

Like sending out concert tickets, invite participants to your meeting. 

In GoToMeeting, you can do this by entering their email addresses and the system will send out the invitations for you. 

Make sure to include the meeting details, agenda and any necessary attachments.

Host the Meeting

On the day of the meeting, log in and be ready to guide the session. Start the meeting, engage your participants and stay in control just like a conductor leading an orchestra.

If you're looking for a more productive and streamlined way to schedule your virtual meetings, consider Doodle. 

It offers a user-friendly platform for scheduling, planning and managing meetings with ease. 

Doodle simplifies the process, allowing you to create, invite and confirm meetings in a matter of minutes.

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