Owning your time: Doodle and Google Calendar

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Doodle and your Google Calendar are perfect partners when it comes to managing your schedule. Using Doodle automates your schedule - giving you more time in your day to focus on the important things. Paired with Google, you can ensure you never double-book yourself again.

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Share your Google Calendar with Doodle

The Google Calendar Doodle integration makes scheduling events and meetings more efficient. Here's how to share your Google Calendar with Doodle:

Head to “Account Settings” in your Doodle account. Click on “Connected Calendars” and then “Connect” next to Google. 

Once connected, you can use Doodle to schedule events and meetings and it will automatically add them to your Google Calendar. Whenever you send out a Group Poll or share your Booking Page link, once a time is found by your participants, Doodle will automatically add it to your calendar. 

What’s more, participants will only see the times you choose to be available - so no double-booking or getting overloaded from too many meetings.

How to create a Booking Page synced to Google Calendar? 

Creating a Booking Page is easy and also a great way to automate your schedule. 

To start, log in to your Doodle account. Once here you want to click on the “Create a new Booking Page” button on the right of the dashboard.

Fill out the title, description and location (whether in person or online). It’s here you can also decide if the Booking Page is for you or you’re using our Hosts feature to book meetings on behalf of someone else. 

In the next section, you can decide your availability and how long the meetings people can book will be. If you click the “power settings” option, you can add buffer times between meetings, a maximum number you will have a day, change your time zone and more. 

Next double check the right calendar is connected to the Booking Page. You can change your calendar in your “Account Settings” or add another calendar if you want multiple people’s schedules to be considered. 

Enabling automatic reminders will send a notification to anyone that books time with you - cutting the chance of missed meetings. Lastly, you have the custom invites field. This is where you can decide what sort of questions you want people to answer before they can confirm one of your Booking Page’s spots. This can help you do any prep work beforehand to make sure all your meetings are productive. 

Once you’re done, simply hit “Create Booking Page” and you can start sharing your link straightaway.

With your Doodle Booking Page synced to a Google Calendar, you can relax knowing you’ll never be double booked again. For instance, any events pulled from your Gmail like flight reservations will automatically be added to your calendar, so Doodle won’t consider those times as available. No more having to go back and forth updating your calendar manually.

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Integrate your calendar with other apps and tools via Doodle:

When Doodle is connected to your Google Calendar, you can automatically take advantage of Google Meet. This means video conferencing is as easy as a click. 

However, it’s not just Google Meet that you can use. Doodle also connects to Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams. 

If you want to connect a different video conferencing tool to your Doodle account, head to your “Account Settings” and click on “Apps and Integrations”. The Zoom integration is available on free plans, others require a Professional account. Decide which tool you want to use and click “Connect”. You’ll be taken to their login page. Fill in your account details for the tool you want to add and you’re done. Now, whenever you go to Booking Page, Group Poll or 1:1 and select video conferencing you’ll have the ability to use the one you just connected. 

If you want to take Doodle to the next level and truly integrate it into your workflow you can do it code-free through Zapier. Like video conferencing, if you head to your apps and integrations tab in account settings, click on “Start setup” under Zapier and make the Zaps you need.

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