How to sync Asana with Outlook and other calendars

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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

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Here’s our guide to syncing your Asana projects with Outlook Calendar and others - to streamline your productivity.

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Step one: Setting up Asana Rules

Head to the project you want to integrate Outlook with. Click “Customize” in the top-right corner, scroll to “Rules” and select “+ Add rule.”

Select Outlook Calendar, Apple Calendar or the tool you want to link then either choose a preset rule or create your own. 

When you’re creating a custom rule, you’ll need to add a name and choose a trigger and action. Finish by clicking, “Connect to Rules.”

From here, you’ll need to log in to your calendar tool and follow the steps to validate the sync with Asana.

Step two: Syncing an Asana Project 

Head to your project and click the drop-down message next to its name. 

Click “Export/Print” and then select “Sync to calendar.” A new window will open, copy the URL. 

Go to your calendar and find the area where you can sync with another calendar. Select from URL and paste what you have copied from Asana.

Step three: Syncing to My Tasks

From My Tasks click the actions drop-down menu and select “Sync to Calendar.”

A new window will pop up, copy the URL. 

Like syncing a project, go to your calendar tool and find the area you link to other calendars. Select from URL and paste what you have copied from Asana.

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