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Updated: Jun 21, 2023


Automate the busywork with Zapier

According to a recent study, the average employee uses 35 apps and toggles between them over 1000 times each day. Whatever your tech stack, it’s clear that modern workflows are getting more and more complicated. We’re all switching back and forth between email, CRM tools, spreadsheets, productivity apps, social media, video conferencing and more.

Fortunately, Zapier makes it possible to integrate Doodle with over 1500+ common workplace tools - turning all kinds of time-consuming tasks into things you don't even need to think about.

Increase your productivity with top Doodle integrations


Salesforce is one of the world's leading CRM applications. If you’re arranging meetings or scheduling demos with potential clients and intend to track them with Salesforce, you can add new leads or update existing ones when these clients choose time options in your Doodle poll. Not having to manually input the data you could save you hours of time.


Zendesk is one of the top web-based help desk tools, helping thousands of businesses manage their support processes. If scheduling meetings or coaching sessions with customers is a part of what you do, the Doodle/Zendesk integration will drastically increase your productivity. When you schedule meetings with clients you can create users or tickets or even add tags to tickets in Zendesk.


Stay updated on all the action in your Doodle polls by sending notifications to Slack. When guests participate in your polls or when you choose the final date for your meeting, you can send messages to Slack. You can post to any workplace channel, DM any colleague or even send messages to yourself. You’ll never miss a beat with this awesome integration.


Take your email marketing to the next level by connecting Doodle with your Mailchimp account. Each time a new participant is added to a Doodle poll, you can add them to an audience in Mailchimp. You can also coordinate sending email campaigns with the closing of your Doodle polls to kick start marketing activities with your meeting participants.


Do you use Trello to manage your projects, to-do lists or events? Now you can keep your Trello updated depending on what’s happening in your calendar. You can create boards, lists, cards or add members to cards, depending on who’s participating in different polls. When you find the best time for your meeting you can even create new tasks in Trello.


Using Hubspot in your company? You can create new contacts or add contacts to different lists in the same way Doodle works with Salesforce. As you schedule meetings with current clients or potential ones, you can eliminate the tedious manual work around managing contacts in your CRM.


For those who prefer a more wonderful to-do application, you can connect Doodle to Wunderlist to automate task management around meeting scheduling. You can create lists and tasks within Wunderlist when you create meetings or when participants are added to your polls. You can also complete tasks and subtasks in Wunderlist when you close your Doodle polls.

Google Mail / Outlook

Create custom meeting notifications if you connect Doodle with your favorite email client. You can send emails from your own email address instead of from Doodle and you can customize the content sent to those who participate in your polls or when you find the date for your meeting.

Google Sheets

Connect Doodle to Google sheets and automatically add meeting participants to a spreadsheet in your Google Drive. It’s a great way to keep a record of the contacts you’re scheduling meetings with.

Make scheduling more efficient and learn more on how integrations can help you.

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