How to create an event on Outlook Calendar

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Sarah Williams

Step one: Select a new event

You can do this by clicking the time on your calendar. Enter the title of the event as well as a description of what it’s about.

Step two: Choose who you want to invite

Decide who you want at your event. If you have them as a contact then simply start entering their name. Otherwise, you can enter their email address.

At this point, you can also invite people and mark them as “optional”. This means you’re happy for them to come, but their attendance isn’t critical. 

If you’re not sure when people are free to attend, Doodle can help you. Simply add the detail of the event, select the people you need and send them some options. In minutes, you’ll find a time that works for everyone.

What’s more, Doodle can integrate with Outlook to automatically update your calendar once an event is booked. No more jumping back and forth to update the details. 

Outlook Event
Step three: Set the date and time

Either use the calendar to the right or you can manually enter the date and time you want to meet. 

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Step four: Enter the location

Decide if you want to meet in person or virtually using a video conferencing tool like Microsoft Teams. 

Once you’ve entered all the information you want to click “save”. The people you’ve invited will be sent an email. You’ll be updated every time someone confirms or declines the invitation.

Plan ahead and release your day

A Booking Page can automate your schedule and create time for the important things.

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