What is Homebase Scheduling?

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Franchesca Tan

Franchesca Tan

Updated: Feb 19, 2024


Navigating shift scheduling is a challenge familiar to many business leaders, particularly in sectors where the dynamic allocation of human resources is critical. The pain points of scheduling shifts are numerous and varied, from the tedious back-and-forth communication to the struggle of balancing employee preferences with business needs.

What is Homebase?

Founded in 2014 in San Francisco, Homebase emerges as a scheduling software tailored for businesses that juggle various shifts, aiming to streamline operations and enhance communication among team members. It's a comprehensive platform designed to tackle the unique challenges of shift management, employee availability, and payroll processing. 

Homebase simplifies shift assignments, ensuring businesses run as smoothly as a well-oiled machine, without the clunkiness of manual scheduling. Business leaders can also create reports and run labor forecasts within the platform. 

But what sets Homebase apart from the plethora of scheduling tools available at your fingertips and how does it complement another powerhouse in scheduling, Doodle? Let's dive in.

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Homebase Scheduling Features

The Homebase software offers a suite of functionalities that cater specifically to the needs of businesses operating on a shift basis. It offers detailed features for shift planning, such as setting up recurring shifts, managing shift trades, and handling last-minute changes with ease. 

Homebase’s mobile app also integrates with Google Calendar. This integration ensures that employees can view their shifts alongside personal commitments, bridging the gap between work and life.

In terms of pricing, Homebase provides a free tier, making it accessible for small businesses to leverage its basic functionalities, with more advanced features available in paid plans. Paid plans start from $24.95 per month per location, with the option of paying annually for a discounted price. Homebase also offers a Point of Sale (POS) integration across all its plans.

What About Doodle?

While Homebase shines in shift scheduling, Doodle steps into the spotlight when the task at hand is finding the perfect time for meeting, regardless of the event size. As a free scheduling tool, Doodle excels in creating group polls, eliminating the tediousness of manual scheduling. Whether it's a team dinner, client consultation, or a large-scale professional gathering, Doodle's user-friendly interface makes scheduling a breeze. The power of Doodle lies in its ability to cater to any group size, ensuring that finding the most suitable meeting time can be done as quickly and smoothly as possible. Like Homebase, Doodle also integrates with Google Calendar. This means that when organizers sync their calendar with Doodle, the times they are unavailable will automatically be removed from meeting time suggestions.

Using Homebase with Doodle

But how can Homebase and Doodle coexist in the ecosystem of one’s business's scheduling needs? The answer lies in their complementary strengths. Homebase serves as the backbone for managing shift-based work schedules, ensuring that operational needs are met with precision. On the flip side, when the need arises for organizing meetings or events that extend beyond the confines of regular shifts, Doodle becomes the go-to tool.

Imagine the scenario where a business needs to schedule a training session for employees across different shifts. Homebase takes care of the shift planning, ensuring everyone's work hours are accounted for. Meanwhile, Doodle steps in to find the ideal time for the training, accommodating everyone's availability with ease. This seamless integration of schedules ensures that businesses can operate without interrupting the workflow, while also fostering an environment of effective communication and collaboration.

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Modern scheduling technologies

In the realm of scheduling where the needs of businesses can be as varied as the businesses themselves, the combination of Homebase's shift management capabilities and Doodle's meeting scheduling system offers a comprehensive solution. 

Whether you're scheduling shifts, meetings, or balancing both, the synergy between Homebase and Doodle ensures that your scheduling needs are not just met, but exceeded. With Homebase and the Doodle scheduling software in your arsenal, navigating the complexities of modern business operations becomes a less daunting and more manageable task.

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