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For many professionals, finding a meeting time that meets everyone’s needs and expectations can be close to impossible. You can easily find yourself going back and forth with several people trying to find something that fits into everyone’s schedule. 

With Doodle’s time finder software, you’ll be able to set up meetings that work for all parties involved. Even better, your coworkers will thank you for making their day less stressful. When they ask you how you did it, make sure you tell them “Doodle”.

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From meetings to collaborations…

Whether you’re needing to set up a simple one-on-one meeting or a huge company-wide collaboration, Doodle’s schedule coordination tools can help you do this. 

It’s made with teams of any size in mind and offers efficient scheduling solutions for up to 10,000 people. If you’re needing help with recruitment meetings such as interviews, Doodle can help. If you’re needing to find a time for a board meeting, Doodle’s got that covered too. 

It can even help freelancers, educators and non-profit organizations get as organized as possible with their schedule coordination tools.

With Doodle, you’ll be able to quickly and easily schedule meetings for whatever industry you’re in. It also works well no matter what your work setting is: traditional, remote or hybrid. 

Even if you have employees or partners all across the world, Doodle’s time finder software will find the perfect time for everyone involved.

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It’s also easy to use

We’ve all seen the schedule coordination tools that look like they were made for the exclusive use of rocket scientists. That’s not the case with Doodle. 

It makes meeting time optimization so easy, a baby could do it. Well, maybe not a baby, but definitely any professional. Doodle’s interface is highly intuitive and easy to use and wit tools like Booking Page and 1:1 meetings make finding a meeting time a breeze.

Even if you are working with a team, everyone has the power to schedule meetings quickly and efficiently. This means that you and your colleagues will spend less time arguing over meeting times and more time actually accomplishing your goals.

Scheduling a meeting for an entire enterprise can be so daunting that it can seem almost impossible. The good news is Doodle and its suite of schedule coordination tools are here to help. 

Doodle’s time finder software allows you to put your company logo on all your invites, that way external invitees can easily find their invitation amid their ocean of emails. With its ease of use and helpful tools, Doodle can help your big business run much more smoothly.

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So how exactly does Doodle help?

One of the most useful features offered by Doodle is Group Polls. Simply go to the Group Polls page, start a poll and see how quickly your next meeting will be scheduled. 

Send one poll to anyone you want to invite, track your poll to see who has responded and then book that meeting. Doodle will automatically send out calendar invites to anyone who has responded. Voila! Meeting time optimization at its finest.

Booking Page is another useful tool, which allows you to take bookings directly on your calendar and share the link with anyone you want. 

What’s more, you can work smarter, not harder. Booking Page’s power settings let you set your hours and limit the number of bookings you have per day. Additionally, it will automatically send reminders to people you’ve booked a meeting with, meaning the chance of no-shows will be eliminated.

Doodle integrates with you many tools making it easy to achieve your goal of becoming the most organized person possible. 

Integrate all of your favorite video conferencing apps, including Zoom, Google Meet or WebEx. This means you’ll be able to add a video conference link to your meeting with little more than a click. 

You can also connect Doodle to Zapier to automate your scheduling or Microsoft Outlook to schedule directly from your inbox. With Doodle and everything it offers, you will be setting up successful meetings in the blink of an eye.

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