How to Create Your Own College Schedule Maker

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Franchesca Tan

Franchesca Tan

Updated: Feb 13, 2024

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Whether you're a college student juggling classes and extracurriculars or a working professional pursuing further education, having an organized schedule is key to managing your time effectively. Planning ahead not only helps reduce stress but also enhances productivity and overall well-being. This includes planning your schedule around your courses, work and other personal commitments. 

Let's explore how to create your own schedule, why it’s beneficial to make your schedule online, and how you can leverage free online tools to build a customized college schedule that fits your unique needs. 

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Reasons for creating your routine online

With the plethora of online calendar apps available, it's easier than ever to create and manage your college schedule digitally. Not only does this save you time and paper, but it allows you to access your schedule from any device with internet access. With online tools, you can also save some time from manual scheduling. The convenience and added flexibility can help you to stay on top of your commitments wherever you are.

Whether you prefer Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or other free online platforms, these tools offer a user-friendly interface and robust features to streamline your scheduling process.

How to make a college schedule online

To get started, simply open your preferred online calendar app and create a new calendar specifically for your college courses. Begin by inputting the classes you're taking for each semester, including the course name, time, and location. You can also add useful links like course materials or video conferencing links in the description so that you can easily find them everytime.

Take advantage of features like buffer times, which allow you to allocate extra time between classes for travel or breaks. Additionally, utilize recurring events for classes that meet on a regular schedule, making it easy to stay organized throughout the semester. You can set up your schedule to repeat weekly up until it reaches a number of occurrences or a defined end date. Depending on your calendar provider, you can also have an overview of travel times based on your location. If you’re interested in sharing your schedule, but don’t want all your plans to be visible to others, consider using multiple calendars or calendar sets to categorize your priorities.

Build a realistic and sustainable schedule

While it's important to prioritize your academic commitments, it's equally essential to incorporate time for self-care and other activities into your schedule. Avoid scheduling back-to-back events without buffers and leave some room for last-minute changes, unforeseen events or even delays.

Plan for lunch or study breaks to avoid burnout and maintain focus during long study sessions. Be mindful of holidays and college events that may impact your schedule and adjust accordingly. By creating a realistic calendar that balances academic responsibilities with personal time, you'll set yourself up for success in college and beyond.

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Quickly find the time to meet with others

In addition to managing your class schedule, you’re most likely going to coordinate group projects and social gatherings. This is where Doodle can help. Whether you're collaborating with classmates on a team assignment or planning a get-together with friends, Doodle's intuitive platform makes scheduling meetings and events a breeze. You can use group polls to find meeting times with many people, create a booking page based on your availability and preferences or set up bookable 1:1s. You can also connect your online calendars to Doodle to remove the times you’re busy, saving you time and hassle.

By using online calendars and scheduling tools, you can simplify the process of planning meetings and social events, allowing you to focus on what matters most—achieving your goals and enjoying your college experience.

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