The power of calendar-sharing apps

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Bobby Rae

Bobby Rae

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

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Understanding calendar-sharing apps

Calendar-sharing apps have become a hot topic in recent years. They’re software tools designed to facilitate the sharing and coordination of schedules and events among individuals or teams. 

They provide a centralized platform where users can create, manage and share calendars with others, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

The benefits of calendar sharing

There are numerous advantages to calendar sharing for business leaders, entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. These include:

Seamless Collaboration: By sharing calendars, team members can easily view each other's schedules, identify overlapping commitments and plan meetings or projects more efficiently.

Enhanced Communication: Calendar-sharing apps allow users to send event invitations, set reminders and receive updates, fostering effective communication and reducing miscommunications.

Time Optimization: By having access to shared calendars, team members can allocate their time effectively, avoiding scheduling conflicts and maximizing productivity. In fact with Doodle, people save 45 minutes a week, on average, compared to scheduling meetings manually.

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Tips for maximizing calendar sharing

The evidence shows that calendar-sharing apps can maximize your productivity and help you reclaim time to focus on more important things. But if you’re going to use one - let’s make sure you get the most from it. Here are our tips:

Keep calendars updated: Regularly update your calendar with accurate and relevant information, ensuring everyone stays informed.

Set access permissions: Define who can view, edit or manage your calendar, maintaining privacy and control. Doodle’s Hosts feature lets you book meetings on behalf of others.

Utilize color coding: Assign different colors to specific events or categories to visually differentiate them, making it easier to identify and prioritize tasks.

Sync with other tools: Integrate your calendar-sharing app with other productivity tools such as task management apps or project management platforms for a seamless workflow.

How does it work in the real world?

Calendar-sharing apps can benefit various industries and professions. So no matter what you do there are tangible benefits from day one. Here are just a few examples:

Sales teams: Sales professionals can share calendars to coordinate client meetings, track deadlines and ensure smooth collaboration within the team.

Event planners: Whether it’s weddings, parties or conferences, planners can use calendar sharing to keep track of key milestones, vendor appointments and venue availability, streamlining event coordination.

Freelancers: If you’re working for yourself, you can share calendars with clients to showcase your availability, schedule project deadlines and manage your workload effectively.

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Doodle: Your ultimate calendar-sharing solution

Among the multitude of calendar-sharing apps available, Doodle stands out as a reliable and user-friendly option. 

With tools like Booking Page, Group Polls, and 1:1s, Doodle offers a comprehensive solution for seamless calendar sharing - no matter what type of meetings or events you’re creating. Its intuitive design, robust integration possibilities, including the likes of Google Calendar, and excellent customer support make it a top choice for professionals.

In the modern workplace, effective collaboration and organization are vital for success. 

Calendar-sharing apps empower business leaders, entrepreneurs and freelancers to streamline their schedules, enhance communication and optimize their time management. 

By leveraging the benefits of calendar sharing and utilizing tools like Doodle, you can unlock the full potential of efficient teamwork and achieve greater productivity in your professional endeavors. 

Embrace the power of calendar-sharing apps and witness the positive impact on your daily operations.

It may be a sign of age, but I still remember the days of trying to coordinate events without technology. Agreeing a time to meet, showing up and hoping that the other people did too. No way of telling them you’re late, got stuck in traffic or have to cancel if you know they’ve already left. 

Nowadays it’s hard to believe that was ever the case. With cell phones, GPS and a plethora of technology it’s easy to stay on top of your events and those who attend. 

Calendar-sharing apps are just one of the ways that make scheduling meetings, staying organized and collaborating with team members easier.

Today, we’ll explore what calendar-sharing apps are, their benefits, practical tips to maximize their potential and how Doodle can be your go-to solution for calendar sharing.

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