Doodle meets Zapier

Automate everything with Doodle and Zapier

2 min read

Integrate Doodle into your daily workflow seamlessly by automating all kinds of time-consuming tasks - zero coding required.

Busy professionals need tools that allow them to work smarter, not harder. Combining Doodle and Zapier lets you set up any number of integrations to boost your productivity, cut out the annoying busy work, and tidy up your virtual clutter.

Integrate Doodle in your daily workflows for a better scheduling experience.

Doodle and Salesforce

Arranging meetings with potential clients? When participants choose time options in your Doodle poll, you can create new leads or update contacts automatically in Salesforce.

Doodle and Zendesk

Looking to streamline your support processes? When people participate in your Doodle polls you can create users, tickets or add tags to tickets in Zendesk.

Doodle and Slack

Stay updated where work happens. When people participate or you make a final choice, you can send messages to different Slack channels and keep your colleagues updated with the results.