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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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A Doodle User Experience Study

As an educational consultant, Doug Fireside travels across the United States, helping schools implement and improve their teacher evaluation systems. Effective consulting depends on collaboration and, as such, Doug’s calendar is packed with meetings. We spoke to Doug about how he’s used Doodle to get scheduling down to a fine art.

When meetings are made easy, participation visibly improves

Doug’s consultations are done on an opt-in basis. Optimizing teacher evaluation processes is important work. But persuading overcommitted teachers to take time out from their busy schedules can pose a challenge. Doug will create a few Doodle polls with possible time options for his consultations and send them our ahead of time to let the teachers choose the times that work for them. By using Doodle, Doug has noticed a dramatic uptick in the number of teachers taking advantage of his consulting sessions. Mission accomplished!

Schedule meetings across every kind of calendar

Doug faces a problem that will be familiar to anyone who works in a consulting capacity: managing meetings when you’re not all on the same calendar system. Luckily, Doodle works with every calendar. And meetings that are arranged with Doodle sync automatically to all participant’s calendars, whether they’re using Outlook, G-Suite, or another system. Everyone else you invite to a meeting with Doodle will get a calendar invite. Juggling clients and calendars has never been simpler.


Doodle makes accountability easy. Access past and future meetings at a glance.

Doug purchased Doodle to save time on meeting admin and manage his calendar full of external meetings more efficiently. But he tells us he’s been pleasantly surprised by how well it functions as a record of past meetings. The ability to record and track his consulting sessions has made an important part of his job - tracking the school’s overall progress - far more efficient.

"...even if I was out on my own, if I had just hung out a shingle, I would probably still buy this service."

Use Cases: Internal and external stakeholders, one-on-one meetings, group meetings, time-differences, appointment booking

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