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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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Are you in a client-facing role? Do you get frustrated at trying to find time to speak to all the people you need to? We know how much of a problem that can be, that is why Doodle is here to help. 

In our Client Facing Playbook, we aim to set out the challenges you face and how you can overcome them.

The major scheduling challenges 

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” - Michael LeBoeuf, best-selling author and management professor.

The term “client-facing” describes a vast range of professionals and sectors. This includes recruitment and talent acquisition managers, financial advisors, technology and solution sales, realtors, consultants and account managers.

All of these roles face very similar problems when it comes to meetings.

According to our State of Meetings Report, around 70 percent of busy professionals in the US, UK and Germany believe that bad meetings cost them valuable time. For 89 percent of respondents, poor organization is the cause of the issue. Too many meetings lack a concrete agenda, while most pre-reads tend to get read during the first 30 minutes of the actual meeting.

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How automating the process helps 

There are a number of benefits from using a scheduler like Doodle to automate how you organize your meetings. 

Using an automated meeting process enables the creation of custom calendars, whereby you can share your availability with clients and allow them to schedule time whenever they need it. This makes them feel special and removes the scheduling burden from your team.


How Doodle Features can help

Booking Page

Our Booking Page is essentially a unique personalized calendar with appointment slots pre-populated according to your predetermined rules. Doodle creates a unique URL for you to share. Anyone with that link can book time in your schedule without any effort on your part, making it a game-changer for client-facing professionals with a high volume of client meetings.

Doodle 1:1s

A great tool for recruiters. Create a 1:1 meeting with a range of possible meeting times and send it to your guest via email or a specific URL. Doodle integrates with your calendar and meetings sync automatically, ensuring you’re always sharing your real-time availability. As guests select their slot, it gets blocked into your schedule and is no longer offered as an option to other invitees to avoid conflicts. 

Doodle Groups

Doodle Groups is one of the most used features because it does away with the endless back-and-forth of emails. It comes into its own when you’re looking to organize things like client pitches, quarterly deep-dives, brainstorming sessions and department gatherings. What used to take 30 emails and 30 days can now be achieved in minutes.

What’s more, it also brings an end to those time-zone headaches. Doodle auto-identifies guests’ local time zones and displays options in their local time, which is especially useful for companies with multiple locations or remote employees.

You can find even more about what Doodle can do for you in the full report attached to this page.

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