The online survey: advantages and benefits

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Being reachable anytime and anywhere has become the norm with a smartphone and virtually limitless access to the Internet.

Not only do people expect instant answers, but with the growth of cloud platforms and AI digital natives do more and more on the go. For entrepreneurs, it means having the opportunity to get in touch with their customers and users whenever they need to.

An online survey from Doodle is a great way to get groups of people together.

Switching from print or phone to online surveys opens up a larger pool of participants for the creator than ever before.

Let's show the differences between the online survey and its classic predecessors and explain why Doodle surveys are interesting for both business and private purposes.

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The ten advantages of the online survey with Doodle

The goal of a survey is to collect the best times for a specific group of participants to get together.

To do this, questionnaires are created and sent by mail or completed over the phone or in person. The results must then be compiled and evaluated, and often presented graphically.

This is a very time-consuming and costly process. Sending surveys via online channels such as e-mail already reduces the expense to a considerable extent. Computer programs that allow questions and answers to be entered directly into a clearly laid out document further shorten the processing time.

Doodle combines these practical functions in one application. With a few clicks, you can design your online survey for free and in a flash.

The biggest advantage of the online survey with Doodle is the good accessibility for the participants. It remains permanently available.

This makes it easy to conduct surveys among different nationalities, among other things. Participants decide for themselves when to answer the questions - an important aspect for increasing the probability of participation.

You receive the answers immediately. The survey is constantly updated and new answers are displayed immediately. Equally positive for creators and participants is the fact that there are no shipping or printing costs for the online survey.

The dependence on external service providers is reduced to a minimum.

Especially with Doodle, you create surveys extremely quickly, so you can distribute them online very promptly and gather opinions. Doodle is intuitive to use and easy to understand, even for non-experts, so they can set up online surveys on their own without technical help. No software download is necessary. You conduct the survey directly in your browser.

Survey participants can also use Doodle very easily. They don't have to learn how it works first. The polls and results are already clearly structured and color-coded. No, post-editing is necessary.

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Who uses online surveys?

Surveys are an important marketing tool for various industries.

A company can adapt and improve its offer with the help of customer opinions. Even within a company, you can capture moods very well through short employee meetings or coordinating joint appointments.

Doodle is also the right tool for household chores that require smaller surveys. With the help of Doodle's online survey, you can put together a survey for free and in just a few steps and post the link in a public forum or specifically invite your contacts to participate.

How does a poll work online with Doodle?

With Doodle, you create polls in four steps. You do not need an account to use Doodle.

This also applies to the participants. You just leave an e-mail address, to which Doodle sends you the poll link and the administration link. At you enter the title of your survey and optionally a short description of your request.

In the next step, you enter possible times for get together. Shortly before completion, you make settings according to your wishes.

For each survey you create online with Doodle, you receive a separate link. This allows you to set up unlimited online polls and keep track of them neatly separated from each other. You either send the respective links to a specific group of recipients or post them on public networks.

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