What is an Introductory Meeting?

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Bobby Rae

Bobby Rae

Updated: Aug 24, 2023


An introductory meeting serves as the gateway to establishing meaningful connections, whether in the realm of business, education or personal relationships. 

It marks the initial step towards building rapport, understanding objectives and creating a foundation for future interactions. 

Whether you're meeting a new client, joining a training course or attending a job interview, the introductory meeting sets the tone for what's to come.

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Why Have an Introductory Meeting?

The reasons for holding an introductory meeting are diverse and impactful. 

For businesses, an introductory meeting with a potential client allows you to showcase your expertise, understand their needs and tailor your offerings accordingly. 

Similarly, job interviews or training course introductions provide an opportunity to assess compatibility and alignment between the candidate's aspirations and the company's values.

Exploring the Elements of an Introductory Meeting

Purpose and Objectives

An introductory meeting should have clear goals. 

Define the purpose, whether it's to understand a client's needs, introduce a candidate to the company culture or provide an overview of a training course.


Structure the meeting with a well-defined agenda. This ensures that time is used efficiently and that all essential topics are covered.

Ice Breakers

Begin the meeting with icebreakers to create a relaxed atmosphere and initiate conversations. 

This helps participants feel at ease and encourages open communication.

Presentation and Information Sharing

Depending on the context, share relevant information. 

For businesses, this could involve presenting services or products, while interviews might focus on discussing the company's values.


Allow time for questions and answers. Encourage participants to ask about any uncertainties they may have, fostering clarity and understanding.

Establish Next Steps

Conclude the meeting by summarizing key points and outlining the next steps. This provides a sense of direction and shows commitment to moving forward.

Also, don’t be afraid to send a follow-up email so everyone remembers what they need to do going forward.

Preparing for an Introductory Meeting


Whether you're the host or attendee, research the other party. Understanding their background, needs and expectations enables more meaningful interactions.

Clarify Objectives

Know what you hope to achieve from the meeting. This clarity will guide your conversations and interactions.

Prepare Questions

Develop thoughtful questions that steer the discussion toward the desired outcomes. This demonstrates your engagement and interest.


If applicable, prepare any materials you'll need, such as presentations or portfolios. Having these ready showcases professionalism and organization.

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Benefits of Effective Introductory Meetings

Building Trust

Establishing rapport and showing genuine interest sets the foundation for trust between parties.


Introductory meetings enable the alignment of goals, expectations and values, creating a solid basis for collaboration.

Personal Connection

Such meetings allow for personal connections, making interactions more relatable and human.

Efficient Resource Allocation

By clarifying objectives and expectations, resources can be allocated efficiently towards the right outcomes.

Introductory meetings are the stepping stones to creating lasting relationships and fostering growth. 

They provide a platform to showcase expertise, understand needs and align objectives. 

Whether in business, education or personal interactions, mastering the art of introductory meetings can lead to successful and meaningful connections that propel you towards your goals.

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