How to integrate GoToMeeting with Outlook Calendar?

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Integrating GoToMeeting with your Outlook Calendar is a breeze, providing a seamless experience for managing your virtual meetings. 

Follow these simple steps to sync your Outlook calendar with GoToMeeting:

Log in to GoToMeeting

Start by logging into your GoToMeeting account. Navigate to your account settings to find the necessary options.

Look for the Calendar Integration settings within your GoToMeeting account. This is where you'll find the options for syncing with Outlook.

Choose Outlook Calendar

Select Outlook Calendar as your preferred integration. GoToMeeting will prompt you to authorize the connection.

Follow the prompts to authorize the integration. This step usually involves signing in to your Outlook account and granting the necessary permissions.

Once authorized, you can now sync your GoToMeeting sessions with your Outlook Calendar effortlessly. 

This ensures that your scheduled meetings appear directly in your Outlook Calendar.

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Consider Doodle for Enhanced Productivity

While GoToMeeting and Outlook work seamlessly together, consider taking your scheduling to the next level with Doodle. 

Doodle not only syncs effortlessly with Google Calendar but also offers additional features like group scheduling, making it a powerful tool for managing your time effectively.

By combining the robust features of Outlook and Doodle, you can streamline your scheduling, ensuring that your virtual meetings are organized, efficient and hassle-free. 

Embrace the convenience of these tools to own your time and boost productivity.

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