How to customize your Calendly availability

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Updated: May 17, 2023

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Here’s our guide on how to customize your availability with the appointment management app, Calendly.

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Step one: Customize your schedule 

When you create an account, you’ll be given a standard schedule. This is Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

If you click on “Availability” at the top of the screen, you can change these times. 

Say you don’t want to work a particular day, simply click the trash can icon next to that day and it will become unavailable.

If you want to change the times you work, all you need to do is on the times and add when you start and finish. 

When you have regular events during any given day that you know will make you unavailable, you can add multiple availability segments. Click on the “+” on the right-hand side of a day. This will let you set times, say from 9am to 1pm and then 3pm until 5pm. 

Step two: Adding a date override 

On the right-hand side of your schedule, there is the “Add date override” section. This allows you to add exceptions to your schedule. For instance, you only want to work a half day on the first Wednesday of next month. 

Click the “Add a date override” and a monthly calendar will pop up. Find the day you want to add the exception, click on it add or remove the times and click “Apply”. This will now happen on your chosen day. 

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