Doodle and Yahoo Calendar

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Bobby Rae

Bobby Rae

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

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Time is the most valuable commodity for busy professionals and effective scheduling is the key to making the most of every moment.

Yahoo Calendar is a versatile tool that offers a plethora of features to work well as anyone's digital calendar. We'll guide you through making those first steps from initial setup to advanced features such as seamless integration with Doodle scheduling software.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Lost time is never found again.” So, let's dive into your Yahoo Calendar and unlock the potential for a better, more efficiently managed time.

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How to set up a Yahoo Calendar

A digital calendar is essential nowadays to stay organized and manage your time. In most businesses, it won't be uncommon to see a stream of calendar invites pour into your inbox from your first day.

Yahoo Calendar is one such tool that can be used for both professional and personal scheduling.

Let's look at the process of setting up your Yahoo Calendar, starting with creating a Yahoo account. 

Step 1. Visit the Yahoo sign-up page: Go to the Yahoo sign-up page and click on the "Sign up" button to begin the account creation process. 

Step 2. Provide personal information: Fill in the required fields with your personal information, such as your first and last name, desired email address and a strong, unique password.

You will also be asked to enter your mobile phone number, which will be used for account verification and security purposes. 

Step 3. Verify your phone number: Yahoo will send you a verification code via text message to the number you provided. Enter the code in the designated field to complete the verification process.

Step 4. Access your Yahoo Calendar: To access your newly created calendar, click on the "Calendar" tab at the top right of your Yahoo Mail screen or visit 

From there, you can start adding events and appointments and syncing with other calendar applications.

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Getting started with Yahoo Calendar

Now you have your Yahoo Calendar created, let's look at getting started with it and setting up your preferences. 

To start, log in to your Yahoo account and click on the "Calendar" tab located on the top menu. 

The default view displays the current month, with today's date highlighted. Along the top menu of the calendar, you can toggle between different views such as "Day," "Week," "Month" and "Agenda," which provides a list-style layout of upcoming events.

Yahoo Calendar offers the ability to customize your user experience by adjusting preferences such as language options, color themes and layout. 

To access these settings, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the calendar and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. Within the settings tab, you can choose your preferred language and date format under the "General" section. Additionally, you can customize your working hours and set your preferred start day of the week under the "Week" section.

To personalize the appearance of your Yahoo Calendar, click on the "Themes" tab within the settings menu. Here, you can choose from a variety of color schemes to match your preference, such as Light, Dark or High Contrast. The theme you select will instantly be applied to your calendar, providing a visual experience that suits your taste. 

If you'd like to modify the layout of the calendar, you can do so by adjusting the "View" options found on the top menu. Experiment with different view settings to find the best fit for your scheduling needs.

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Using Doodle with Yahoo Calendar

We're constantly on the lookout for tools and strategies to make our lives more efficient - especially as we see AI able to take on more of our menial tasks.

One area where we often struggle to maximize productivity is scheduling - whether it's for work meetings, social events or personal appointments, coordinating with multiple people can quickly become a logistical nightmare. Enter Doodle with your new Yahoo Calendar, a powerful combination that takes your scheduling game to unparalleled heights. 

Doodle allows users to create and customize polls for various events, enabling participants to indicate their preferred time and date options with just a few clicks.

Gone are the days of endless email threads, filled with confusion and uncertainty. By integrating Doodle with Yahoo Calendar, you can take automation to a whole new level - streamlining your scheduling process and leaving you with more time in your day for the important things. 

Simply create an event in Doodle, find a time that suits everyone and then create the event on Yahoo Calendar. This means you know you'll get everyone you need in attendance. 

Doodle and Yahoo Calendar elevate time management and personal organization to new heights. By automating your scheduling process and reducing unnecessary communication, you gain more control over your calendar and the way you spend your time.

Free yourself from endless email exchanges and spend more time on the things that truly matter.

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