Making the Most of Black Friday in Chicago

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Black Friday

Black Friday is the one day of the year when the Windy City truly comes alive with unbeatable deals and an electrifying shopping atmosphere. 

If you're planning to spend Black Friday in Chicago, you're in for a treat. 

This guide will help you navigate the bustling streets of Chicago, uncover hidden gems and maximize your Black Friday shopping experience. Let’s go.

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Understanding Black Friday

Black Friday is the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, held on the day after Thanksgiving. 

It's the day when retailers offer significant discounts and special promotions, making it the perfect time to check off your holiday shopping list or indulge in some personal retail therapy.

Why is it Called Black Friday?

Black Friday is called Black Friday because it represents the point in the year when many retailers transition from operating at a financial loss (in the red) to turning a profit (in the black). 

It's the biggest shopping day in the United States, with stores opening their doors to eager shoppers well before sunrise.

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Navigating the Crowds in Chicago

Chicago is a bustling city year-round, but during Black Friday, it's particularly vibrant. 

The Magnificent Mile, a stretch of North Michigan Avenue, is a shopper's paradise, with its high-end boutiques and department stores like Macy's. 

You'll also find deals at State Street, known as Chicago's historic shopping district.

To make the most of your Black Friday shopping in Chicago, consider these tips:

Plan Your Route: With so many stores to choose from, it's wise to plan your route in advance. Make a list of the must-visit shops and prioritize your stops.

Shop Early: The best deals are often available during the early hours of the morning, so set your alarm and hit the stores before the crowds.

Dress Comfortably: Chicago weather in late November can be chilly, so dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes. You'll be doing a lot of walking.

Check Store Hours: Some stores might have extended hours on Black Friday, so check in advance to make the most of your time.

Hidden Gems of Chicago

While the big-name retailers are tempting, Chicago also offers some hidden gems for those willing to explore a bit. 

In the heart of the city, you'll find Block 37, a shopping mall that's home to unique boutiques and an assortment of dining options. 

This place is often less crowded than the Magnificent Mile, making it a serene spot to shop.

For a taste of local flavor and truly unique finds, visit local markets and boutiques in neighborhoods like Wicker Park, Logan Square and Andersonville. 

These areas offer artisanal products, vintage treasures, and quirky gifts that you won't find in big-box stores.

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Making the Most of Black Friday with Doodle

Navigating Black Friday can be overwhelming, especially if you're looking for specific items or trying to juggle multiple shopping destinations. 

This is where Doodle comes in. Our scheduling tool can help you plan your Black Friday shopping with ease.

Use Doodle to create a poll for your shopping expedition, allowing you to book your shopping times efficiently. 

You can easily find the perfect time to spend the day with shopping buddies and coordinate your shopping strategy. 

Doodle takes the hassle out of planning, so you can focus on snagging the best Black Friday deals in Chicago.

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