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Whether you are a dynamic freelancer, a vigilant entrepreneur or an occupied business person staying on top of your day-to-day commitments is a real-time challenge. 

Managing clients' time slots to match yours adds complexity and frustration. Calling back and forth, sending emails and asking clients or coworkers to collaborate on small matters is time-consuming - not to mention mentally exhausting.

What if we had a mechanism to dismiss all those intricacies? Something that lets you focus on the tasks at hand. Spend a little time with Doodle. Here scheduling is nothing more than a few clicks. Doodle has mastered the art of arranging meetings and simplifying tiring procedures into manageable steps. Let’s find out how.

What Doodle Can Do for You?

Calendar synchronization

It isn't only about meeting with coworkers or clients but scheduling and managing availability time effectively. 

Understanding the significance of time management is an absolute must if you want to excel in business deals. You’ll feel fortunate to use Doodle to manage hassle-free appointments with your client or teams using the calendar synchronization feature.

Booking Page links you instantly to the calendar where you can schedule the date and time slot for reserving a meeting. With Doodle, you will experience better availability and time management options without double bookings. Also, it helps keep teams and individuals together by keeping everyone on the same page.

Time blocking tools

Adequate planning and availability time management bring users on the road to success. 

Benefit your work routine with the help of Doodle's time-blocking tool that blocks out your calendar effectively. These blocks split the day into several slots or hours you would like to schedule with personal choice and priorities. Also, it helps keep the focus on the tasks at hand and avoid multitasking, which badly affects work efficiency and effectiveness. That results in efficient time management and improves overall productivity. 

One of the other advantages of using the time-blocking tool is to set reminders that let you know an event is coming up before it starts. Moreover, you can customize appointment slots by labeling them and adjusting the changes you want to perform. It means that the appointments you set are adjustable and bypass double bookings. Undoubtedly, this reliable and easy-to-access tool guides you to focus on more important things while avoiding multitasking.

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Valuable for Freelancers/Entrepreneurs

Meeting deadlines and availability time is crucial for remote workers and entrepreneurs. 

Commitments, timely deliveries and tight deadlines as well as working various jobs, reaching goals and communicating with clients can be a real strain on your work-life balance. However, Doodle's tools and features can automate this process and get your balance back on track.

Recruiters and educators can also get benefit from Doodle. Streamlining various hiring processes and conducting interviews is time-consuming. 

Doodle can help recruiters handle a high volume of interviews using 1:1s and Group Polls. It can also provide automated reminders to all interviewees, decreasing the risk of no-shows or ignored appointments. Additionally, Admin Console allows managers to track meeting analytics to identify development opportunities for staff. 

User-Friendly Interface

Time management works best when the system allows you to leap into your dashboards without loads of hurdles. Not only can it lead to you forgetting what your doing but it disrupts the energy you’ve got going to get things done. 

The user-friendly interface of Doodle makes it more manageable to stay on track with your teams and clients virtually. Understanding Doodle is easy and is pretty much guaranteed to result in efficient time management, thus increasing overall productivity.

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Why you should create a Doodle account to manage your availability and schedule?

Doodle is the virtual assistant you always wanted.

It can help you set your priorities, manage events in your calendar and reclaim your day. You can use it to become a master of availability time management or simply to arrange meetings in your business in seconds. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Join the millions of happy users scheduling their way to a happier life with Doodle. Start your own journey for free today.

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