Never miss a meeting with Doodle schedule reminders

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Group Poll Reminder (SQ)

Step 1

From your dashboard, create a Group Poll. Add the name, description, location and times you want to meet. Be sure to give lots of options to enhance your chances of finding a time.

Group Poll Creation (SQ)

No credit card required

Step 2

In the settings sections, click “Send automatic reminders”. We’ll email those who don’t respond to your poll. 

If the first option in your poll is more than five days in the future, we’ll remind your invitees 48 hours before that date and time. 

If it’s between two and five days till your first option, we’ll send the reminder 36 hours before.

If you’re looking to meet within the next two days, we don’t send automatic reminders, but you can send them manually yourself (see Step 3).

Never miss a meeting with Doodle schedule reminders /GRID TWO IMAGE
Step 3

If your event is less than two days away, you can send a reminder manually to make sure no one forgets to attend. 

Creating a poll: If you’re creating a poll, on the last page simply hit “Share invite” and either copy the link or “Email it with Doodle” and we’ll send it for you. 

Editing a poll: On your dashboard, click on the meeting you want to remind people about and then “Share invite”. The process works the same as if you’re creating the poll for the first time.

Send it with Doodle (SQ)

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