Compare calendars instantly with Smart Suggestions

Find a time to suit everyone in nothing more than a few clicks.

1 min read

Doodle is now smarter than ever! With the click of a button, Doodle helps you find the best possible times for your meeting based on all the data available to us (your calendar availability, scheduling habits, the title of your poll, and the availability of the people connected to your main calendar).

Here’s how it works:

  1. When creating a Doodle Group poll (during step 2), add the calendars of your invitees. You’ll see the calendar drop down on the top left.

  2. Click the  ‘Add time suggestions‘  button on the top right and Doodle will suggest 3 time slots for your meeting based on the availability of your guests. No need to compare schedules or hunt for a time that suits everyone! 

Give it a try now and see just how smart our suggestions are.