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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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Meeting availability is crucial for seamless collaboration and effective time management. 

But, coordinating schedules and finding a suitable meeting time can be a challenging task. 

We’ll explore the best practices and strategies for asking for availability and finding time slots that work for everyone. Additionally, we will introduce Doodle, a powerful tool that streamlines meeting availability management, saving you valuable time and effort.

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Asking for availability and emailing meeting options

When scheduling a meeting, it's important to request availability from participants in a clear and concise manner. 

Start by providing multiple date and time options to maximize flexibility. Clearly state the purpose, duration and desired outcome of the meeting. Utilize polite and professional language and offer the option for participants to propose alternative times if the provided options don't work for them. Once you receive responses, evaluate the availability and narrow down the possibilities.

When emailing meeting options, summarize the potential dates and times concisely. Use bullet points or a table format for clarity. Include relevant details, such as time zones and highlight any specific requirements or prerequisites. Encourage recipients to respond promptly, emphasizing the importance of their input for successful meeting scheduling.

Finding a time slot

Going round and round on email to find a suitable time slot is tedious. That’s why you should consider using automated scheduling tools like Doodle. 

These tools eliminate the back-and-forth communication by providing a platform where participants can indicate their availability. Within minutes, you can start to see the most popular time and book it - making arranging your meetings easy. 

In addition to using tools, here are some best practices to optimize meeting availability:

Plan in advance: Schedule meetings well ahead of time to allow participants to plan their schedules accordingly.

Consider time zones: When dealing with global teams or remote participants, be mindful of different time zones and select a time that accommodates everyone.

Be mindful of calendars: Check participants' calendars for potential conflicts or prior commitments.

Prioritize flexibility: Propose multiple time options to increase the chances of finding a suitable slot for all attendees.

Communicate clearly: Provide all necessary details and instructions when requesting availability, ensuring participants have the information they need to make informed decisions.

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Doodle: Streamlining meeting availability

Doodle simplifies the process of managing meeting availability. It automates scheduling, allowing participants to easily indicate their availability, view others' responses and identify the optimal meeting time. 

Doodle syncs with participants' calendars, minimizing the risk of double bookings. On average, using Doodle saves users 45 minutes per week compared to manual scheduling.

With Doodle's user-friendly design and time-saving capabilities, you can focus on productive collaboration rather than the hassle of scheduling logistics.

Coordinating meeting availability is essential for efficient collaboration. That’s why tools like Doodle streamline the process and maximize productivity.

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