How to Schedule a Day Off that Actually Relaxes You

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Franchesca Tan

Franchesca Tan

Updated: Jun 24, 2024

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"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you," writes Anne Lamott, an American novelist and non-fiction writer known for her often humorous insights on life. Taking a genuine day off to relax and rejuvenate is more important than ever. Not only does it benefit your physical health, but it also plays a crucial role in maintaining mental health and avoiding burnout. However, genuinely disconnecting from work and daily stressors can be challenging. 

So, let's explore how to plan a day off that refreshes your mind and body.

The Value of Genuine Relaxation

Genuine relaxation involves engaging in activities that help you disconnect from the constant demands of work and daily life. It's about finding peace and tranquility, allowing your mind and body to recover. 

Taking a real break gives your brain a chance to process and reflect, leading to increased mental clarity and creativity. Moreover, a proper rest period can help prevent burnout, making you more productive in the long run.

Activities to Avoid on a Day Off

To ensure your day off is genuinely relaxing, avoiding activities that can induce stress or keep you tethered to work is crucial. Avoid checking emails, answering phone calls, or looking in on projects. Even glancing at your inbox can pull you back into work mode, disrupting your relaxation. 

Steer clear of house chores, running errands, or anything that feels like a "task." These activities, while necessary, can be mentally draining and counterproductive to your goal of relaxation.

Limit your time on social media, refrain from excessive news consumption, and try to reduce screen time overall. Digital activities can be mentally exhausting and may prevent you from fully disconnecting.

Crafting a Relaxation Itinerary

Creating a relaxation itinerary tailored to your personality can help maximize the benefits of your day off. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, there are activities that can help you unwind.

For introverts, reading a book can be an excellent way to relax. Dive into a captivating novel or an inspiring non-fiction book. Meditating is another excellent option, allowing you to spend some quiet time centering your mind and reducing stress. Nature walks are also beneficial, providing an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful walk in nature and absorb the calming surroundings.

For extroverts, socializing with friends can be a refreshing way to spend a day off. Spend quality time with close friends, sharing experiences and laughter. Attending a cultural event, such as visiting a museum, concert, or community event, can also be recharging. Group exercises, like joining a group yoga class or a dance workshop, are perfect for those who enjoy physical activity with others.

A sample itinerary for a relaxing day off might start with a light, healthy breakfast and some quiet time to set a relaxed tone for the day. Mid-morning could involve engaging in a favorite hobby or walking in the park. For lunch, enjoy a leisurely meal at your favorite café or a picnic in a serene location. You can spend the afternoon participating in an activity that suits your personality type, such as reading, socializing, or a cultural visit. 

Finally, wind down in the evening with calming activities like a warm bath, gentle yoga, or a light-hearted movie.

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Integrating Doodle for Scheduling

Using a tool like Doodle can make planning your day off effortless and stress-free. Doodle's features help you organize your day without the hassle of manual scheduling. 

The Booking Page allows you to manage your time and ensure others can see when you’re unavailable, preventing any unintentional interruptions. Group Polls help coordinate activities with friends or family, ensuring everyone is on the same page without endless back-and-forth communication.

By automating the scheduling process, Doodle lets you focus on what truly matters: relaxing and rejuvenating. With Doodle handling the logistics, you can enjoy your day off to the fullest, knowing everything is organized and under control.

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