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Doodle's Group Poll survey tool makes it easy for users to create customized surveys for any purpose. 

Group Polls are becoming increasingly popular with businesses, teams and organizations. This is because they offer a convenient way to collect group feedback from many people in a short time. In addition, the tool is user-friendly and accessible for organizations of any size.

Streamlined collaboration

Doodle’s innovative platform has helped organizations succeed and collaborate effectively. 

For example, with Doodle's Group Poll survey, people can organize and collaborate with their colleagues, clients and more. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface so that users can create polls and invite people to participate. This makes it easier for organizations to get answers in one place without sending emails or messages to each person involved.

Customizable options

Doodle has several customizable tools to suit everyone’s needs. From Group Polls, for large groups to Booking Page that allows users to share availability with a single link. This gives you the flexibility to tailor surveys according to who you need to meet.

With a Doodle account you can arrange events quickly and completely free

Tailor-made poll options

Doodle's Group Poll survey provides users with an easy way to customize the look and feel of their survey. Add your company logo and colors to your invites - giving them a great professional look. This helps to make the survey more impactful, allowing users to immediately impress the group of people they’re trying to meet. 

State-of-the-art features

Need to share an agenda or other important info? Doodle allows users to include hyperlinks in their surveys so that participants can access additional information or resources related to the topic being discussed. This makes it easier for participants to gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand and respond with accurate answers.


Get the information you need upfront

Doodle's Group Poll survey has the ability to set important questions you need to be answered. When setting up your event, simply add the additional questions you want to ensure the survey is tailored to your needs. 

It also features an instant synchronization feature. This ensures all participants can see the latest version of the poll as soon as they enter it. In addition, it allows them to update their responses in real-time so that everyone is always on the same page. This helps streamline communication and facilitates better decision-making.

Analytics & Reports

Admin Console, a feature of Doodle Professional’s Team plans, provides powerful analytics tools and reporting capabilities, enabling managers to gain further insights into how staff are arranging their surveys. 

They can use this data to identify areas of improvement or make changes within their organization according to what the results suggest.

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Instant collaborative decision-making tools

When you’re trying to plan meetings or make decisions with your team, it can be difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedules. That’s where Doodle comes in handy. With Group Poll surveys, you can quickly send out proposed times and get responses from all participants without sending countless emails back and forth.

Once your survey is complete, track who has responded and book the meeting. Doodle will automatically send out calendar invites to respondents with their email addresses. You can also add agenda items, notes or location details to the invitation to prepare participants for your meeting beforehand.

Automated collaboration and organization

Group Polls allow you to set deadlines and automatic reminders so that everyone in the group is aware of when they need to respond. This helps reduce confusion and minimizes back-and-forth emails. It also encourages everyone to get involved because it makes organizing meetings easy, quick and efficient.

Organize successful decision making

In addition to helping teams plan events or meetings, Doodle’s Group Poll survey can also be used for voting, budgeting and other organizational decision-making processes. This allows teams to agree faster and work more cohesively.

Doodle Group Poll survey is one of the top online polling tools that enables users to collect feedback from their target audience quickly and accurately. Its instant synchronization capabilities, analytics and reports tools, automated collaboration, organization features and more, provides organizations with a powerful yet simple way of gathering valuable insights and organizing group feedback collection. 

Using Doodle can make it easy to capture opinions and preferences on any topic while streamlining communication within the team.

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