Doodle vs. Xoyondo: Which Group Scheduling Tool Is Better?

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Franchesca Tan

Franchesca Tan

Updated: Apr 18, 2024

Doodle vs Xoyondo

Individual and group scheduling tools play pivotal roles in the quest for optimal productivity. Doodle and Xoyondo, two leading solutions, offer unique features to streamline this process. 

But which tool stands out when you need to coordinate meetings effortlessly? This comparison dives into the specifics to help you determine the best fit for your scheduling needs.

What is Doodle?

Doodle has revolutionized scheduling for various professional groups by making it simpler and more efficient. With two million meetings scheduled each month, Doodle caters to a vast array of scheduling needs through products like Booking Pages, Group Polls, Sign-up Sheets, and 1:1 scheduling options. 

Integrated with major online calendars such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple, along with video conferencing tools, Doodle ensures real-time availability and prevents conflicts, a testimony to its global impact and robust functionality.

What is Xoyondo?

Originating from Germany, Xoyondo also focuses on simplifying the process of group coordination and event management. It provides essential scheduling tools and, with its multilingual interface, caters to an international audience. 

Xoyondo is accessible and efficient, helping users streamline their event planning worldwide without complex setups.

Key comparison features

User interface

Doodle recently launched a new dashboard that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, aiming to reduce the time users spend setting up and managing their schedules. 

The interface's aesthetic is modern and user-friendly, employing a pleasant-to-the-eye color scheme and easily recognizable icons. Additionally, Doodle incorporates responsive design principles, ensuring the interface adjusts smoothly across different devices and screen sizes. 

Meanwhile, Xoyondo also boasts a straightforward interface with the added advantage of supporting multiple languages, which is particularly beneficial for international users. 


Both platforms offer free and premium plans, but Doodle's tiered pricing structure includes features tailored to various needs, from individual freelancers to large enterprises. Its premium plans enhance functionality with automated reminders and custom branding. 

Xoyondo's pricing strategy also scales with user requirements, providing flexibility and control over the scheduling experience.


Doodle integrates seamlessly with various popular tools, including Zoom, Slack, and Salesforce, facilitating an interconnected workflow. 

Xoyondo also supports integrations, though with a slightly different set of options, including Google Calendar and Outlook, which are essential for maintaining synchronized schedules.

Advanced features

Doodle and Xoyondo offer Group Polls and Sign-up Sheets, but Doodle enhances these features with custom branding and advanced automation that further simplify the scheduling process. This includes hiding participants, time zone adjustments, and automated email notifications.

While providing similar functionalities, Xoyondo focuses more on basic utility without extensive customization, which may appeal to users seeking simplicity over customization.

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Which tool is right for you?

Your specific needs should influence your choice. Xoyondo's multilingual options and straightforward scheduling tools make it a strong candidate for many international users. In contrast, Doodle's comprehensive feature set, including advanced integrations and customization options, makes it ideal for those requiring a robust, scalable scheduling solution.

Though Doodle and Xoyondo excel in facilitating meeting coordination, Doodle's expansive features and customization options generally offer better value, particularly for businesses looking to optimize their scheduling processes comprehensively. With Doodle, scheduling becomes not just simpler, but a strategic advantage.

Take the next step in optimizing your scheduling by exploring more about Doodle and Xoyondo. Visit their websites to learn more about their features, capabilities, and how they can meet your specific needs. Compare the two to determine which tool best aligns with your scheduling priorities, and start managing your time more effectively today.

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