Doodle vs. WhenIsGood: What’s the Scheduling Tool for me

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Do you ever feel that you’re up against the world, trying to keep your head above the water in a sea of meetings and events? 

This is where scheduling tools have become the unsung heroes of the busy professional's daily hustle. 

Among the multitude of options, two contenders, Doodle and WhenIsGood, stand out. 

Let's embark on a journey to dissect their features, unravel their nuances and declare a champion in this scheduling tool faceoff.

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The Rise of Scheduling Tools

As the pace of professional life accelerates, scheduling tools have evolved from mere conveniences to indispensable assets. 

These tools offer a lifeline to professionals juggling multiple commitments, promising streamlined planning and efficient collaboration. Enter the era of Doodle and WhenIsGood, two titans in the realm of scheduling.

WhenIsGood: An Introduction

WhenIsGood emerges on the scene as a scheduling tool designed to simplify the process of finding suitable meeting times. 

With a user-friendly interface, WhenIsGood allows users to create time grids and participants to mark their availability, facilitating easy coordination. 

The simplicity of WhenIsGood positions it as an attractive option for those seeking quick and straightforward scheduling solutions.

Doodle: An Introduction

On the opposite side of the ring stands Doodle, a stalwart in the scheduling tool arena. 

Doodle doesn't merely offer a scheduling tool; it provides a comprehensive suite of products, including Booking Page, Group Polls, and 1:1s. 

Doodle's versatility extends beyond simple availability tracking, addressing the intricate needs of professionals in various contexts.

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Faceoff: Doodle vs. WhenIsGood

Ease of Use:

WhenIsGood prides itself on simplicity, offering a straightforward interface for quick scheduling. 

However, Doodle's intuitive design and diverse product range provide a more comprehensive user experience, catering to a broader spectrum of scheduling needs.


WhenIsGood boasts a free-to-use model, appealing to budget-conscious users. 

Doodle, too, offers a free version, but its professional plans provide additional features and flexibility, making it a viable choice for both individuals and businesses.


While WhenIsGood may suffice for basic scheduling, Doodle's robust integrations, including calendar syncing and collaborative tools, position it as a more integrated solution for professionals seeking a seamless workflow.

Features and Customization:

Doodle's array of products offers a level of customization and adaptability that WhenIsGood may lack. 

From personalized Booking Pages to tailor-made Group Polls, Doodle provides a suite of tools that can be fine-tuned to suit the unique requirements of diverse users.

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Who’s the Winner

In the grand faceoff between Doodle and WhenIsGood, both contenders showcase strengths catering to specific needs. 

For those seeking a quick and straightforward scheduling tool, WhenIsGood might be a go-to option. However, for the professional yearning for a more comprehensive and adaptable solution, Doodle emerges as the clear winner.

Its versatility, intuitive design and extensive features shine through. 

Whether you're orchestrating a quick virtual meeting or planning a complex series of one-on-one sessions, Doodle proves itself not just as a scheduling tool but as a strategic ally in the intricate dance of time management. 

Choose Doodle for a scheduling experience that transcends the ordinary - a symphony of efficiency, collaboration and tailored solutions.

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