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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Doodle v Simplybook

Comparison of key features

User interface: When it comes to usability, Doodle stands out with its clean and intuitive interface. The platform offers a seamless experience, allowing users to create and manage events effortlessly. also offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to set up their booking systems and for customers to make appointments.

Integrated solutions: Both Doodle and offer integration capabilities with other tools and platforms. 

Doodle seamlessly integrates with popular calendar apps such as Google Calendar, making it convenient to sync events and availability. provides integrations with payment gateways and other business tools, enabling businesses to create a comprehensive solution tailored to their needs.

Customer service: When it comes to customer support, Doodle excels in providing responsive and helpful assistance. Their support team is known for prompt responses and resolving queries effectively. also offers customer support, but it may not be as extensive as Doodle's.

Pricing: Pricing is an important consideration for any business or individual. 

Doodle offers both free and premium plans, payable monthly or annually, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their needs. offers various pricing tiers, depending on the scale and requirements of your business. offers a basic free plan. Its premium plans start at $8.25 a month when paid for annually. You can also pay for their plans monthly with their popular Standard plan costing $29.90 a month.

Doodle, by contrast, comes in at $6.95 a month when paid for annually or $14.95 on a monthly subscription. With comparable features to, you can get two months of Doodle for the price of one with, if paid for monthly. 

Unique selling points: Doodle's wide user base and reputation make it a popular choice for scheduling needs across industries. Its simplicity and ease of use are key advantages, making it accessible to users of all technical backgrounds. distinguishes itself with its focus on appointment booking services, providing features specifically designed for businesses in the service industry.


After a comprehensive analysis, it’s clear that Doodle emerges as the superior scheduling platform. 

Its intuitive interface, extensive integration capabilities, excellent customer support and flexible pricing options make it the ideal choice for businesses and individuals. 

Doodle's broad user base and reputation further strengthen its position as a reliable and trusted scheduling solution.

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Final thoughts

Efficient scheduling is essential for effective time management and choosing the right scheduling platform can greatly enhance productivity and convenience. 

In the comparison between Doodle and, Doodle emerges as the clear winner, offering a user-friendly interface, robust features, seamless integrations, excellent customer support and flexible pricing options. Whether you're scheduling meetings, events or appointments, Doodle is the go-to solution that can streamline your scheduling processes and save you valuable time.

Remember, selecting the right scheduling platform is crucial, so consider your specific needs and requirements before making a decision. 

Explore Doodle's features and give it a try to experience the benefits firsthand.

Understanding Doodle

Doodle is a versatile scheduling platform that simplifies the process of organizing events and meetings. It offers a user-friendly design and a range of powerful features. 

With Doodle, users can easily create event polls, check participant availability and customize event settings. The platform allows seamless calendar sharing, ensuring smooth coordination and minimizing scheduling conflicts.

With Doodle's Booking Page, freelancers and business professionals can set their availability and create personalized booking links, allowing clients or team members to schedule appointments or meetings effortlessly. 

Group Polls are still one of the world’s favorite ways to get together. They enable the coordination of schedules among multiple participants, making them ideal for team meetings or event planning. 

With Doodle 1:1, you can streamline one-on-one appointment booking, ensuring efficient and organized time management.

Exploring, on the other hand, is an appointment booking service designed to streamline the booking process for businesses that rely heavily on appointments. 

It provides an intuitive online booking system that allows customers to schedule appointments conveniently. 

With features like automated reminders and payment processing, aims to enhance customer experience and reduce administrative burdens.

Efficient scheduling and appointment management are crucial for businesses and individuals alike. Anyone who works in an office nowadays knows that all too well. You can probably imagine it, “Are you free at 2?”, “Do you have time to meet about this project?” and so on. 

That’s why having a reliable scheduling platform can make a significant difference in managing time effectively. 

Today, we’ll explore two popular scheduling platforms, Doodle and, and compare their features, benefits and overall suitability for different needs. Let’s go.

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