Doodle’s new brand: It starts with When.

You might have noticed, but we’ve rebranded. Everything is new, from the way we speak to our colors and logos. What’s that all about? Let’s dive into it.

Not “When?” When.

Everything starts with when. Meetings. Appointments. When we know when something is happening, we show up. We do it. We collaborate. And make big things happen. Finding when shouldn’t be hard. Doodle is here to make it as easy as possible.


Own your time

Our vision hasn’t changed. Neither has how we think about time. Your time should be yours. And when you manage your time better, you can do the things you want to do. Thrive at work and be there at home. You can have an impact while still having time for yourself.

Why did we rebrand?

We needed a new Doodle for a new time

Doodle has been the world’s favorite time polling tool for 15 years. But in this remote-first, on-call world, we need new tools to manage our time.

Doodle helps you schedule the right way

At its core, we see Doodle’s mission in helping people find the right time and people for meetings, appointments, interviews, and more. You name it.

Do it quickly

Time waits for no one. So scheduling should keep up. Doodle makes scheduling quick with tools that let people respond instantly.

Make it simple

Scheduling doesn’t work if people can’t figure it out on their own. We cut out the extra steps and make things easy to share and keep track of.

Get it right, together

The right people, data, time, and context all matter. Doodle sets every scheduled event up for success by letting you add context and control the times and your availability.

New logo

Time is a bit like a frame, isn’t it?

It’s moveable and sets the stage, the context for happenings. Doodle gets you to the right time. It’s up to you to fill that time with your dreams and aspirations.

Secondary Professional Logo

Primary Professional Logo

New Visuals

We're all on grid now

Calendars and tables bring order to what might be a chaotic schedule. We like them because a grid is something that is also flexible—just like you. We’re placing them throughout our visuals.

New colors for a new time at Doodle

We’ve grown up a bit and that means our colors have become a bit more mature yet still warm and human. Doodle’s a tool for professionals and we’d like to think our new colors would fit right in at the next work event.

More to the point with our new typography

Doodle gets people together quickly and easily. So we wanted a minimalistic font that’s easy on the eyes and still heavy enough to express meaning. You’re using Doodle to schedule big things after all.

Photography and human face of Doodle

Photography creates a human connection to our brand and along with illustration, plays a large visual role in our brand identity. Photos of individuals and groups are the two main subjects in our brand photography.

Natural environments

Blur the line between personal and professional

Space around the subject

Diverse ages and ethnicity

Experience the new Doodle for yourself

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