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Doodle’s suite of scheduling tools allows you to seamlessly schedule any kind of meeting. And make your employees more productive.

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The most trusted scheduling suite for enterprises

Cover all your company’s scheduling needs.

Get a group together in minutes with Hosts

Simplify group meetings and eliminate double-bookings, add up to five hosts to every Booking Page you create.

Put your company branding on it

Let clients know that you mean business with custom branding on all invites and booking pages.

Keep everyone in the loop

Doodle makes it easy to include all details in all invites so internals and externals alike are ready to meet.

Team meetings in minutes with group polls

Cut out the email or Slack tag and get to the collaboration faster.

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Get external and client bookings done

Set up a group poll for clients or externals and ensure the right people are at every meeting.

Add video conferencing

Connect to Zoom, Google Meet, or Webex and automatically include a video link in every booked meeting.

Privacy and security built for enterprise

Some of the biggest companies out there trust and rely on Doodle for scheduling.

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Keep track of team bookings

Tune up your internal processes with detailed reports over who is booking and getting booked with the team admin console.

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Make your team more productive

Doodle makes it easier to manage your schedule. So everyone on your team can find time for collaboration or clients.

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Doodle helps big businesses run more smoothly

Stay flexible with monthly or save by paying yearly.

Doodle is simple and fast. I like that it is compatible with Google calendar and Microsoft 365.

Fabiana T

Fabiana T

Sales Executive

With Doodle, I schedule meetings with VPs throughout the university, assistant VPs, and other directors COOs, CFOs, CTOs, chief executives throughout different departments.



University of Virginia

Meetings and reminders are easier to manage. This makes coordinating calendars for availability so much easier!

Mariane F

Mariane F

Human Resources Manager

Run your organization’s scheduling with Doodle

A customized environment for those organizations that need enhanced customization, control, and support.

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