Introducing Microsoft Teams

Bring together the scheduling power of Doodle with the conferencing tools of Microsoft Teams.

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Doodle and Teams - The Perfect Partnership

Thanks to Doodle, Microsoft Teams just got better. As one of the world’s most used conferencing tools, Teams lets you connect to the people you need to.

Connecting your Doodle account to Microsoft Teams makes the scheduling experience simpler. Automatic conferencing links get added to the invite when you book time with your clients or get together as a team using Doodle.

What’s more, you have peace of mind knowing it’s safe and secure. Millions of companies worldwide have incorporated Microsoft Office into how they work. IT security is often built with it in mind. Using our integration means you have the protection of your company’s internet security from your very first meeting.

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How integrating Microsoft Teams can work for you

Are you on Free Doodle?

To avail this integration, Doodle Premium and a Microsoft account are required

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Using Microsoft Teams in a few simple clicks

1. Log in to Doodle and head over to your account settings

2. Under ‘Apps and Integrations’ find the Microsoft Teams image and click ‘connect’.

3. You will be prompted to log in to your Microsoft account.

4. Your account is now connected. If this is the only conferencing tool you have linked to Doodle, it will become your default. If another is connected (like Zoom) you will be asked to pick a default.

5. Now, whenever you book a meeting, your Teams link will appear in the meeting description.


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