How to Invite External Users to a Microsoft Teams Meeting

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MS Teams

In today's interconnected work environment, collaborating with colleagues, partners and clients across different organizations is common. 

Microsoft Teams makes scheduling time and inviting external users to your meetings easy. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

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Schedule Your Meeting:

 Start by creating a new meeting in Microsoft Teams. Enter the meeting details such as date, time and subject.

Add your internal team members to the meeting as usual. This ensures that the colleagues you need there can participate.

Once the meeting is scheduled, you'll receive a join link. Copy this link as you'll be sharing it with the external participants.

Adjust External Access Settings:

To allow external users to join the meeting, adjust your organization's external access settings if needed. You can manage this from the Teams admin center.

Now, email the join link to the external participants. They'll be able to click the link and join the meeting without needing a Microsoft Teams account.

Meeting Experience for External Users:

External participants can join the meeting directly via their web browser. 

They'll be prompted to enter their name and will be placed in a virtual lobby until the meeting organizer admits them.

As the meeting organizer, you have the power to admit or deny entry to the participants waiting in the lobby. This ensures that only relevant individuals can join the meeting.

Once admitted, external participants can actively engage in the meeting. They can share their screen, chat, contribute to discussions and collaborate just like internal team members.

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