How to create an event type in Calendly

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Updated: May 12, 2023

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Here’s our guide to creating an event with the scheduling tool, Calendly.

Step one: Create your event

On the Calendly website, click “Create” and then “New Event Type”.

You’ll be presented with a few options for different event types. Choose the one that fits what you need best. 

Enter the name and location for your meeting in the “What event is this?” box. 

In the “When can people book this event?” set the date range, duration and any other important booking information. Once you’re done, hit “Save & Close” in the bottom right corner. 

Step two: Preview what your invitees see

On the “Create” page, click “view live page” in the top right corner. 

From here, you’ll be able to see what your guests see. 

No credit card required

Step three: Send your event

You can share your Calendly event in two ways - by link or email. 

To share the link, simply head to your dashboard and click “Share”, then “Copy link”.

You can then either add this to an email, instant message, text or however you want to invite your guest.

Alternatively, you can share the times directly in an email. Click “Share” on your dashboard and then “Add times to email”. 

Select the times and dates to add to the email then click “Continue”. Copy the visual presented and paste it into your email. 

If you’re looking for a simpler process to create an event quickly, you should try Doodle. Our process is streamlined and only takes a few clicks.

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