Doodle’s Free Survey Maker

Since it was established in 2007, Doodle has become better and more widely known as a top-notch piece of software to help people find dates and times to schedule meetings and other events. This is certainly still the principle function of Doodle, but in addition to this, people can also use Doodle’s online survey maker.

Practically speaking, the survey maker on is not so different to the event poll wizard. Therefore if you are a long-standing user of the Doodle polls for finding available meeting times and the like, we hope that you can easily jump on board and try our free online survey maker as well. Although in practice you can make a survey on Doodle about almost anything, we believe it is still most useful when organising and arranging events. Instead of creating a poll to find the free time slots of the participants you can use it to decide upon location and the nature of the event.

How to use the online free survey maker

When using the survey maker (free for all!) you can begin at the same place where you usually would when creating a poll. You write in the established principle details of the event and your own name and email address. (Of course, if you have either a free or premium account with Doodle you simply need sign in.)

After this, instead of entering in potential dates and times to meet, you can select the option ‘Free text’ at the top right hand corner of the page.

Choose potential dates to meet

At this point you can then add in the suggestions that need deciding upon. Take a look at the example below, where a group of friends are arranging a trip away.

Enter options as free text into the boxes

Like a normal Doodle poll, the online survey maker will offer you the option to create a basic poll or to implement additional features: offering the ‘If-need-be’ response, creating a hidden poll, allowing each participant to choose only one option, and allowing only one person to choose each option.

When the poll is completed, it will look similar to how your polls have looked in the past.

View the results of your poll

With the free text feature, the possibilities are endless. Try the survey maker online today at

Create survey