Gather Popular Opinion with Doodle’s Simple Poll Website

Whilst Doodle provides a simple and intuitive system to help organise meetings and appointments, in reality, it is also able to offer users so much more. Whether you are looking to gather simple information about dining preferences for your next corporate meal or you wish to gather sensitive views on the administration of your organisation, Doodle’s free poll website gives users the opportunity to canvass opinion with minimum fuss combined with maximum security and anonymity.

Reach colleagues and customers instantly with Doodle’s polling website

Whether you choose to use Doodle’s free system for on-the-fly website polls or you decide to register and take advantage of Premium Doodle’s more advanced features, creating and sharing online polls couldn’t be easier. In fact, once you have entered the relevant details into Doodle’s simple form for free polling websites, inviting users to take part is as simple as either sending an email with the required link or using Doodle’s dedicated invite application.

For example, if an events planner were organising a company Christmas meal and needed to decide which venue to book, by creating a quick polling website for any number of colleagues to add their opinions, the whole process is made extremely simple. Following similar steps as the creation of a standard Doodle scheduler, first enter the details of the poll alongside a valid email address and any further information that is required.

Free poll website to schedule your events

However, in the next step, rather than selecting a range of dates with the calendar tool, the events planner would simply click the “free text” link in the upper right hand corner. This would allow user defined own parameters for the poll website.

Free poll website on Doodle step 2a
Free poll website on Doodle step 2b

Once the selection of choices is entered (please note these are not purely restricted to “time proposals”), simply click the “next” button where and you will be presented with the choice of contacting colleagues through Doodle itself or by sending the provided link in a standard email.

Finally, your poll website has been created for free and colleagues simply select the choices that they prefer. The results are then collated in an easy to understand format giving an instant overview of the most popular choices.

Free poll website on Doodle – example of company poll

Greater control of your poll website with Doodle Premium

Customers wishing to take advantage of Premium Doodle and the extra benefits associated with poll websites will first need to register for a Doodle account. Once registered, you are given the extra features that will allow to track your invites, integrate your calendars and enjoy more comprehensive information for your poll website at a glance.

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