Doodle Poll Software’s free polling software is a brilliant way to arrange a time to meet friends or colleagues. Perhaps you have used it yourself when trying to arrange a team or departmental meeting when at work. Or perhaps you used the online polling software to arrange a date for a party with friends, or an appointment to meet with your teacher or students. Doodle works well for finding the best time for the largest amount of people, but it is also great in that you can use it to decide upon things like location or activity. For instance, is you are trying to plan an activity for a friend’s birthday, instead of using the web polling software to decide the date and time that you want to meet, you can use it to suggest and decide upon the things you might want to do.

Arranging an event with the Doodle web polling software

Using the Doodle free polling software in this way is just as simple as using it to decide upon a time. Let’s take the example of Grahame and his colleagues, who are in the process of planning a weekend away. There is a Bank Holiday coming up, and they have decided to use the long weekend to go on a trip together. They are however not decided on where they want to go or what they want to do. After chatting about it in the pub after work one evening, Grahame decides to use the Doodle online poll software to help them come to a decision favourable to all. Grahame doesn’t have a Doodle account but can still create a basic poll. He clicks on ‘Schedule an Event’ and is invited to enter in some basic details.

Enter the details of your event

As you can see, typing in the Location and a Description is optional. As Grahame is creating this poll, he is the administrator, and therefore he needs to enter in his email address so that Doodle can notify him regarding participants of the poll, and provide him with a link when he wants to edit or close the poll. Providing his email address does not mean that he has set up a Doodle account.

Grahame is then asked to enter time proposals. Because the time is already set (the bank holiday in two weeks’ time) Grahame instead selects ‘Free text’ in the top right hand corner.

Enter the dates of your event

Grahame can then enter his own proposals into the option boxes. In this instance, Grahame enters different destinations and activities that they could possible choose for the bank holiday weekend.

Enter free text for your event

After this, Grahame is asked whether he wants to select a Basic Poll or to implement some special settings.

Select basic poll or additional settings

None of the special settings are relevant to Grahame’s poll, therefore he selects Basic Poll in the third step of the set-up process in Doodle’s poll software.

Grahame can now send the invitations to those he wants to participate in the poll. He can either choose ‘You send the invitation’ whereby the link to the poll will be sent to his email address and he can subsequently decide how to send it out to the participants, or he can alternatively enter the email addresses into the box provided and have the invitations sent out by the polling software for free.

Select invitations to participate in your poll

When Grahame has the link to the poll, he could (if he wanted to) invite people via Facebook and Twitter. For a small private group however, email is probably the most efficient way.

As the administrator, Grahame can be notified each time a participant fills in the poll or edits their entry. He will also be provided with a link to edit or close the poll.

Access your poll through the participation link

He will also be alerted when the poll is completed. It may look something like this:

View the results of your poll

It looks like Grahame and his friends are off to Paris. Bon Voyage!

It is as simple as that. Head to and try out the poll software for yourself.

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