Doodle provides the best online calendar for business

Doodle’s powerful online business calendar offers business users a range of features to help them organise meetings and schedule appointments. In fact, with Premium Doodle for business, you can create events and share with up to 1000 users – perfect for large companies or organisations.

Using Doodle’s business online calendar is simple and straightforward, allowing you to easily plan for meetings and other events. Whether you need to create a one off event or schedule an entire month’s worth of meetings, Doodle can help you remain on top of your agenda whilst ensuring colleagues are up-to-date.

Plan an entire month’s worth of meetings with Doodle’s online calendar for business

Among the many features found within Doodle’s powerful tool suite is the ability to plan multiple meetings or events within a month and display them in the best online calendar for business. For example, Mr Big needs to plan many meetings of varying lengths that take place on different days. Luckily for him, Doodle makes this process simple, efficient and extremely quick.

To start, Mr Big should enter the required information into the “schedule an event” form and follow this simple step by step procedure.

Enter the details of your poll

Next, by selecting the “calendar view”, Mr Big is presented with an easy to understand online calendar for business that displays both date and time. Here, he is able to create events and meetings that occur on different dates and at different times according to his schedule. Different weeks can be selected in the basic calendar view in the top left hand corner and his proposed dates are displayed just underneath this.

Online calendar view

Finally, before sending out participation invites to his colleagues, Mr Big has the option to refine his business online calendar to ensure he receives the required answer from each participant. Here, he can also ask for binding responses that require his colleagues to input an email or phone number.

Select additional settings

Once his free online business calendar is created, the invites sent out and his colleagues have begun to enter their responses, Mr Big is able to view these responses on two separately displayed calendars – making Doodle the best online calendar for business and scheduling.

Here we can see the standard table view.

View the poll as a standard table

However, by clicking the “calendar view” tab, Mr Big is also able to see his colleagues’ responses within a more comprehensive display – making planning and scheduling easier than ever.

View the results of your poll in the calendar view

Create calendar