Doodle provides the best online calendar for business

Doodle’s powerful online calendar offers businesses a range of features to help them organize meetings and schedule appointments. In fact, with Premium Doodle for business, we offer you an entire suite of tools that you can use to schedule any kind of meeting, with any number of people. On top  of that we’ll sync your meetings to your calendars as well. We also offer integrations for Slack and Zapier so you can connect Doodle with the tools you use every day!

Create a Doodle poll

Using Doodle is simple and straightforward, allowing you to easily plan for meetings and other events. Whether you need to create a one-off event or schedule an entire month’s worth of meetings, Doodle can help you remain on top of your agenda whilst ensuring colleagues are up-to-date.

Plan meetings and book appointments with Doodle’s online calendar for business

The classic Doodle is the scheduling tool that helps you find the best time for a meeting with any size group of people. You create a poll with possible time options for your meeting, send it out to your participants, they vote on the options that best suit their schedules, and in minutes you’ve found the best time to meet.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the creation of your first poll. 

First, start your Doodle poll by choosing ‘create a Doodle’ at the top of the page. For this example, we’ll use ‘Board meeting.’ Of course, you can schedule any kind of meeting with Doodle! The location of the meeting is ‘our offices’ and we added a little note, which would be to look over the agenda beforehand.

poll creation step 1

For the board meeting in February, we’ll be sure to add several time options so that our participants can make sure they can find the best time. You have two options for choosing times for your meeting. You can choose times from the week view, where you can view the week alongside your connected calendar (another great feature of Doodle). Or you can choose the times from the month view if you’d like a wider perspective.

poll creation step 2

If you’d like to add some additional features to your poll, you can do so during step 3. Choose yes, no, if-need-be, limited options, or make the Doodle poll hidden for example. Here you can also see several Premium Doodle options such as poll deadlines and additional information requests.

step 3 poll creation

The last step is to send out your poll to your participants to have them vote on the times that fit their schedules. In minutes you’ll have your meeting scheduled and synced to your calendar. Get started with Doodle today for your business!



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