Online Appointment Scheduling made easy with Doodle!

’There just aren’t enough hours in the day’ is a refrain most people can emphasise with. It seems that in today’s world, people are busier than ever! Be it working full-time, looking after a family, or just simply trying to maintain an active social life, organising your schedule to make the most of each day can be a struggle. What’s more, with others having equally packed schedules, finding time when you are both available for a professional meeting or simply a casual catch-up can become somewhat of a nightmare to arrange! However with Doodle’s online appointment scheduling software, organising appointments with your colleagues, clients and friends is about to get a lot easier!

First things first – getting your own schedule organised

You may well already be familiar with a number of online calendars and event schedulers – be it your Outlook calendar for work, Facebook calendar for social events and then a personal Google Calendar for your everyday life, to name but a few. You wouldn’t, however, be the first person to sometimes struggle with managing so many calendars and to get tired of having to keep switching between all your online calendars to figure out what you’ve got on. Luckily Doodle have introduced Calendar Connect software allowing you to sync and consolidate all your online calendars into one. Sync all your calendars today for a clearer overview of your own schedule and be on your way to clearer appointment scheduling.

Connect your online calendars with a Doodle premium account

With your own schedule organised, now’s the time to start online appointment scheduling!

‘’If you’re trying to find a convenient time to meet several people try a simple scheduling app like Doodle.’’ – The Wall Street Journal

With Doodle you can schedule appointments and events online with your colleagues, friends and family in four simple steps. Enter the general information regarding event or appointment – time, location, info and your name and email address. Then propose times when you’re free for your contacts to confirm or reject depending on their own schedules. You can then set the settings of your appointment scheduling request.

Connect your online calendars with a Doodle premium account, then when selecting dates the view will be something like this.
Step 3 in setting up an appointment online with Doodle

Doodle will then give you the option to either enter your contacts’ email addresses in order for it to send them an automated invitation to participate in your appointment scheduling request. Alternatively, you can use the individual URL of your appointment request and send it out yourself to your contacts.

As soon as your appointment scheduling request has been sent out to your contacts they can begin participating in the scheduling poll. The Doodle format is clear and easy for any participant to use.

The calendar view after participants have selected dates

When everyone has participated in the poll and inputted their availability, you can simply close the poll and identify which date and time is the most suitable for the majority, and add it to your calendar. With the help of Doodle you can therefore organise your weeks more efficiently as well as managing and scheduling appointments with less hassle and confusion.

The calendar view after participants have selected dates

Create schedule