Use Doodle’s meeting scheduling software for meeting organization

Curious about the world’s most popular team scheduling solution used by 30 million users every month? Whether you’re organizing the number of attendees for regular business meetings or coordinating a work event for your entire company, you can easily manage it online all in one place (all while connected to your favorite calendar). Simply create a poll with the time options for your meeting, send it out to your participants, and in minutes you’ve found the best time to meet for everyone. You’ll be famous in your office as a pro-scheduler. Get started now or read on for a step by step guide.

Create a Doodle poll

Schedule, plan, organize and more with Doodle’s meeting scheduling software!

Doodle is the most popular scheduling service around, but it can be used for much more than scheduling appointments. You can also use our polling technology to gather insights and opinions on any topic! Just choose ‘free text’ during the second step of poll creation. In a brilliant little four-step process that is both quick and straight forward, you can make the most of this meeting scheduling software.

How to use meeting scheduling software – step by step

Before starting to schedule a meeting, it’s important to note that there are all kinds of benefits to using Doodle. First off it’s really simple! You’ll have your first meeting scheduled in minutes. During step 1, you add the title and then some other details if you like.

Meeting scheduling software step one

During step 2, be sure to add several time options so that our participants can make sure they can find the best time. You have two options for choosing times for your meeting. You can choose times from the week view, where you can view the week alongside your connected calendar (the best way to take back control of your calendar). Or you can choose the times from the month view if you’d like a wider perspective.

Meeting scheduling software step 2

During step 3 you add additional settings, such as ‘yes, no, if-need-be,’ limit participants or poll deadlines. Keep in mind, just like the poll deadlines feature, there are lots of great features that come with a Premium Doodle account.

Meeting scheduling software step 3 The last step is to finalize the poll and send it out to your participants. You can share the poll link as you like or your can send emails from the Doodle platform! You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to schedule meetings, regardless of how many people are attending. Get started with Doodle today!


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