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Whether you’re organising the number of attendees for a party or coordinating registration days and times for a work event, you can easily manage it online all in one place. Doodle has been helping people make polls since 2007 and is proud to continue offering this service completely free of charge. There’s no registration necessary and no hidden costs, just four quick steps to easily manage events and details.

Below you’ll find comprehensive instructions on how to make your own poll on Doodle. No fees, no registration, no hassle – by far the easiest way to make a poll.

How to make a poll online – quickly and without costs

Go to the homepage to get started. You’ll see a large button that says “Schedule an event”. Click here to begin creating your poll. (Yes, it really is that easy!)

Step 1 of 4

Enter general details such as the title of your online poll, location of the event and added information if necessary. Using your email address will not automatically create a Doodle account. This is only for the purpose of amending, deleting and administering the poll you’ve created. You can create a free account if you wish, of course, but it isn’t mandatory in order to use the free poll making service.

Make your own poll step 1

Step 2 of 4

If you’re scheduling an event or making a registration list, then click on the days that you are available to meet in the calendar (see the screenshot depiction below).

Make your own poll step 2 of 4If you’d rather not schedule an event on a specific date, but instead gather a list of suggestions, things to bring along, or other general categories, click on the “free text” option in the upper right corner. Instead of dates, you can write “Every Thursday” or a few options of what the community can bring to the picnic such as “Beverages”, “Vegetarian”, “Salads” or “Warm dishes”.

Make your own poll step 2 of 4

Step 3 of 4

If you just want names and dates (or names and picnic snacks) then skip step three. If you’d like to add some optional extras while you make your own poll, then please be aware that the Yes-No-Ifneedbe option on the poll cannot be selected at the same time as the last two options, limiting the participant to choosing only one option and limiting the number of participants per option. Obviously due to the ambiguity of the “if need be” option, ticking the boxes of the latter two simultaneously wouldn’t make sense.

Make your own poll step 3 of 4If you’d like to also collect the postal address, email address and/or phone number of participants in your survey, this can be achieved by purchasing a premium Doodle account.

Step 4 of 4

All you need to do now is send your invitations. You can send the link to your poll using your own email application, or you can have Doodle send out the invitations for you. The latter option can be done either by copying and pasting email addresses (from an Excel table, for example) into the text field box provided, or by connecting your online address book. Doodle doesn’t send spam to the email addresses you enter!

It’s never been easier and faster to make your own poll. Doodle also allows you to synch your calendar with a Doodle account so that you can keep all your appointments managed at a glance and send out invitations for new polls in the future with less time and far less hassle. Doodle is so easy to use – and free! – that those wanting to make polls and surveys keep coming back.



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