A good idea with viral and strategic growth contributed to a successful business model today:

  • 2015: Doodle gets a major iPhone and Android update and a new mobile website.

  • 2014: Doodle manages to serve 20 Million users per month and continues to grow its user base worldwide by offering its scheduling service in 20 languages. The founders Näf and Sevinç decide to hand over the reigns to the new Doodle-CEO Michael Brecht who joins the company in February. In the course of the year Swiss Media Group Tamedia will acquire the majority of Doodle AG and bring in its market-reach to further help grow Doodle globally.

  • 2013: Doodle launches its Android App and completes its mobile optimised website by Apps for all devices including smartphones and tablets.

  • 2011: Complete redesign for both the standard and mobile Web versions. Launch of personal scheduling profile MeetMe and over 10 Million users. In May, Tamedia takes a minority stake in Doodle.

  • 2010: Doodle grows to 10 employees, serves over 6 Million users and reaches break-even status.

  • 2009: In June, Doodle launches its first premium service and enhances the calendar integration possibilities that lead to a Doodle calendar view in 2010.

  • 2008: In March, Näf and Sevinç secure the first round of financing and rename the company Doodle AG. In May, commercialization based on advertising is reinforced by assembling an in-house sales team.

  • 2007: Founder and CEO Michael Näf and his cofounder Paul Sevinç found a business while developing an online scheduling solution for personal and business use. The fast viral growth lays the groundwork for future success.