Since its creation in 2007 the free polling app by Doodle has revolutionised the way people schedule events and get organised. The Doodle poll app is now used by over 15million people around the world! Available as both a web app and an easy to use native app for mobile devices, Doodle brings people together, faster.

The Doodle Poll App: There to Answer Your Questions

The Doodle online polling app is great for planning events, but it’s also perfect for helping you find the answer to other questions, such as the ideal location for a party, or the best present to buy for a friend. Here’s an example: Every Friday Jake hosts a film club with his friends. Each week there are endless chat threads while everyone tries to decide on a film to watch. This is where Doodle comes in. Rather than taking up his own as well as his friends’ time, Jake uses the online poll app to find the film that the most people agree on. What could be fairer than that? No disagreements, just simple, social scheduling.

Here’s a look at how it works:

To create the event Jake begins by filling in the first page of the Doodle poll app.

Fill out the basic details.

To fill out the first page all you need to do is enter is the title of the event, your name, and your email address. Doodle will then send you the link from which you can administer the poll. It’s totally secure, and Doodle won’t pass your email address on to any third parties.

On the next page Jake bypasses the date proposal option by clicking on Free Text. He is then presented with a list of numbered options. All Jake has to do is enter a movie title into each option as seen below.

Enter your options into the Doodle poll app.

The Doodle poll app also provides the option to add more proposals if required. Once Jake has entered the choice of movies he can then move on to the next step.

The Settings option features a dropdown menu. From here Jake can choose from a number of options such as Hidden Poll, so only he can see the final answer, or he can choose to limit the number of options selectable to one per person. Alternatively, if Jake wants to stick to a Basic Poll he can click Next and skip this step.

Choose your settings for the poll administration.

On the last page of the Doodle poll app Jake decides the Sharing Settings. Since it’s a movie night and Jake wants to choose his favourite film to watch he limits the event so only people invited can participate. He then ticks the box that states that he would also like to participate in the poll.

Invite people to partake in your Doodle poll.

All that’s left to do then is send the poll to his friends! Once the most popular film has been found, the Doodle poll app will notify Jake direct to his email or mobile device. Easy.