Since 2007 Doodle has been leading the way in social scheduling. Available in 20 languages and used by over 15 million people around the world, Doodle is the simple yet powerful calendar app that helps people stay on top of their busy schedules. Plus, all the great features that have made Doodle loved by people everywhere are completely free! There’s no sign-up required. With Doodle you can create an event in moments. Doodle does the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Doodle Basic: the World’s Favourite Calendar App

Doodle is the fastest and most convenient way to create events, schedule meetings, and book appointments. But it’s also the ideal platform to keep track of your lifestyle. The integrated organisation features of Doodle are just one of the reasons it’s so popular. Because there’s no limit to the number of events you can create with Doodle, it’s important to keep track of everything. By simply registering for free, with the Doodle calendar app users are able to view all their appointments in a single, unified platform.

The Doodle calendar for registered users.

MeetMe – The New Calendar App Feature by Doodle

MeetMe is the revolutionary calendar app feature by Doodle. Designed to streamline organising, with MeetMe people can find your availability online via a personalised URL. It’s completely secure; you decide what information you share. Users will then see a set of free times that you’ve chosen to display and can select the one that works for them. You will then receive a notification from Doodle when someone has selected a timeslot.

MeetMe by the Doodle calendar app.

MeetMe is the ideal way to let people know when you’re available. Plus, when you register for a free account with Doodle, MeetMe will sync with your Doodle Calendar App so you never double-book. That’s what makes the Doodle calendar app so powerful.

Calendar Connect by Doodle Premium – the Powerful Calendar App Feature

Doodle Premium is the ads-free SSL encrypted service by Doodle. This pay for subscription includes all the great features of Doodle – plus a whole host of new ones that make Doodle Premium the choice for professionals around the world.

Calendar Connect by Doodle Premium.

Calendar Connect is the calendar app feature unique to Doodle Premium. With so many digital platforms available, it can be difficult keeping track of all your different calendars. Calendar Connect solves this problem by uniting all your calendars in a single, unified Doodle Calendar, so you never need to switch between calendars or double check. Doodle Premium is the ideal calendar app for professionals who want a comprehensive overview of their schedules. Whether it’s your Google Calendar, an iCal via iCloud or another type of ICS platform, with a Doodle Premium Account you can view all your appointments in a single space.

Doodle Mobile – Doodle’s Calendar App at Your Finger Tips

In addition to a web app, Doodle’s calendar app features are also available as native app for the iOS. Doodle Mobile puts the power of Doodle’s calendar app right at your fingertips, so you can schedule events anytime, anywhere.

The Doodle Mobile Calendar App.