“I miss the old Doodle, bring it back”

– Doodle Customers, since March 2022 Your feedback has been crucial in shaping how we build and release products now at Doodle. Experience our approach to spreading customer love, and scroll down to a roadmap of what we’ve successfully shipped.

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Our goal is to build loveable products through continuous discovery of customer problems. As a result, we’ve had 16 impactful releases in the last 1 year vs 4 in 2021.

Stephanie Leue

Stephanie Leue

Chief Product Officer, Doodle

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Doodle’s approach to Product development

Doodle’s CPO Stephanie Leue shares our struggles and successes with the Continuous Discovery framework.

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What have we released?

Rooted in qualitative and quantitative research, we brought back some highly popular features*.


June 2022 Users can export a csv of their poll participation

August 2022 We improved UI/X so the voting experience* is less frustrating

September 2022 We introduced a monthly view to allow scheduling further out in the future.

November 2022 Teams can Host collective meetings, and choose co-hosts

Organizers can customize their availability*

Dec 2022 For new users, default Time Zone is automatically set while onboarding based on your location*

Jan 2023

Poll participants see a summary screen, and can confirm or change their selection

Picking a slot on Polls & 1:1s was painful - we’ve improved the UX

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Feb 2023

We autosave field information you’ve entered while creating an event

Increase your participation success & confidently share a link by previewing the invite details

We upgraded the poll experience for mobile android and IOS organizers

A new Time Zone picker allows users to search for slots by timezone name or abbreviation, country or major city as organizer when creating a meeting

March 2023

Get suggestions for private and business contacts from connected Google and Microsoft accounts

Duplicate booking pages from the dashboard (a premium feature), already available on group polls and 1:1s.

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