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Doodle bot for Slack

The scheduling assistant that helps you set up work meetings in the easiest, smartest way possible, right inside Slack.

Forget about juggling between calendars and chat services, jumping between tabs or resending invites…
Use Doodlebot to create and manage meetings in your own familiar work environment!

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Good Morning Doodle

Start every morning with a daily overview of your calendar, with super-quick access to:

  • Every participant’s email, and a link to your last meeting
  • One-click links to video conference, attached documents, map/navigation link to every meeting location
  • Street view photo of places you’re going to for the first time and a short brief about new people you’re meeting or haven’t seen in a while

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Good morning Doodle

Zapier Integration

Let Doodle meet your other apps. Connect Doodle to 1000+ apps through Zapier and automatically follow up with participants, create meeting notes, set up conference calls, send invoices and more.

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Doodle 1:1

Create an invite for 1:1 meetings in minutes.

Share the link with your best time-slots and let your invitee decide the final time. Available to try today!

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